Did Joey Graziadei Already Move To New Orleans?

Joey Graziadei via youtube 39

Fans of Joey Graziadei know that he is planning to make the move to New Orleans to live with Kelsey Anderson after they got engaged. It looks like he may have already made the move. Do you think Joey is already living with her?

Joey Graziadei Makes Plans To Live With Kelsey Anderson

On The Bachelor 2024 finale, Joey shared that he would be moving to New Orleans to live with Kelsey Anderson. He has been living with his sister ever since he left Hawaii. This made total sense that he would go live with her. These two are engaged and can’t keep their eyes off each other. They are in love and ready for the next stage of their relationship.

joey and kelsey
joey and kelsey

Did Joey Make The Move Already?

It looks like Joey might have made the move to New Orleans already. He is there now and he took a lot of his belongings with him. Joey shared on his Instagram story about it all making fans wonder. His first post showed the unpacking begins and Joey showed a lot of clothes. It also showed his location as New Orleans.

Joey then posted that he has started his own “Joey corner.” This is where his belongings go, so he may not be moving in quite yet. Here is what his post was with his corner. Of course, he brought the golf clubs so that he can enjoy golfing in his new area.

joey graziadei corner
Joey Graziadei’s corner

It looks like he brought a lot with him, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Joey was already moving in with Kelsey. For now, fans are just going to have to wait for him to say more and explain if he is there full-time or not. Joey and Kelsey have been together doing press since The Bachelor ended airing on Monday. It looks like they will finally get some downtime now.

So far, Kelsey Anderson hasn’t made any posts about Joey moving in with her. This is a big change for the couple regardless. They had to hide that they were together for so long and only see each other on happy couple’s weekends. Now, they can be together 24/7. This is when they will see if their relationship can really work outside of The Bachelor.

Do you think that Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson have already moved in together? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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