‘My 600-lb Life’ Abi Ruiz’s SHOCKING 2024 Life Update, Video

Abi Ruiz From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube

My 600-lb Life Season 12 featured the story of Abi Ruiz. The 37-year-old man from Texas is one of the most challenging patients for Dr. Now. He appeared on the show at 728 pounds. But aside from his weight, he’s also mostly paralyzed, making it hard for him to progress. However, Abi showed dedication to turning his life around and was able to make significant progress. Keep reading to see how Abi is doing today.

My 600-lb Life: Abi Ruiz’s Storyline

Abi’s life went downhill after an accident left him paralyzed. He became bedridden for seven years, resulting in his unhealthy weight gain. He also developed bed sores and lymphedema due to his inability to perform any physical activities. Even going to Dr. Now’s office seemed like an impossible task for the My 600-lb Life star. Due to this, the bariatric surgeon traveled to Austin to meet his patient at his apartment.

Abi Ruiz From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube
Abi Ruiz From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube

After receiving his special diet, Abi’s weight dropped to 605 lbs in just a month, which qualified him for bariatric surgery. TLC also documented Dr. Now performing the surgery on Abi. He was below 400 lbs by the time his episode ended. But it seems that things are getting much better for him behind the cameras.

Abi’s 2024 Life Update

Abi is still having a hard time standing and moving despite losing massive weight. Fortunately, he has a very supportive wife, who’s been documenting his journey. Earlier this month, his wife, Brenda Ruiz, shared new pictures from his surgery. The My 600-lb Life star is looking a lot healthier in the photos as he cuddles with his dogs after a successful operation. Brenda didn’t exactly share the purpose of the operation, but it seems to be related to his mobility.

Abi Ruiz From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube
Abi Ruiz From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From Brenda Michelle Ruiz Facebook

Some Redditors are also impressed by Abi Ruiz’s dedication. It was even revealed during the show that he works while in bed, gaining respect from the viewers.

  • He is working from his bed! Respect.”
  • I was floored that he was working full time, I’m so used to contestants living on disability. Good for him.”
  • And it’s not just the financial aspect. Having a job keeps him involved in this world. It provides structure, routine, responsibility and a sense of belonging and being needed.”
  • Abi is a perfect candidate for that thing where Dr. Now admits patients to a hospital to be put on an “inpatient diet,” so to speak.”

My 600-lb Life: Abi Ruiz Continues To Work Hard In Rehab

Brenda also took to Facebook to share new clips from Abi’s rehab. The proud wife shared several videos of Abi doing different types of exercises while sitting in a huge rehab wheelchair. The My 600-lb Life star also received positive comments from his followers for his dedication to achieving his physical goals.

  • “Im very happy for you guys. You’re doing a great job amd you’re looking great. God bless you both.”
  • “Keep it up. doing great.”
  • Great. You can do all things through Christ… Blessings.”

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  1. Are you able to walk? What kind of doctor is helping you walk again? My husband has the same problem as you. My husband is thin but needs to find a dcotr to get help walking again.

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