‘My 600-Lb Life’ Love Pours In For Dr. Nowzaradan

Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From @younannowzaradan Instagram

My 600-lb Life star Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, mostly known as Dr. Now, has been showing appreciation for his fans following the Season 12 premiere. The 79-year-old previously held a meet-and-greet at his office, which turned out to be a big success. Recently, the bariatric surgeon shared more details regarding his interaction with the fans. Keep reading to see what Dr. Now has to say about the love he received.

My 600-lb Life: Dr. Now’s Upcoming Patient

Dr. Now will face a challenging patient in the upcoming episode of Season 12. According to TLC, the fourth episode will feature the story of Abi. He was already struggling with his weight before a fluke accident left him mostly paralyzed. As a result, he became bedridden for seven years. The My 600-lb Life star had already reached over 700 pounds by the time he met Dr. Now, and he must do everything he can to stay alive for his wife.

Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube
Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube

Love Pours In For Dr. Nowzaradan

In an Instagram post, Dr. Now opened up about his recent meet-and-greet. According to the My 600-lb Life star, he was surprised to see over 700 fans coming to his office during the event. He also added that it was a “very successful” event. Dr. Now later said that the majority of the fans came from Texas.



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But others came from neighboring states such as New York, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Arizona. The surgeon also said that some guests came from the UK, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and Italy. It’s clear to see that Dr. Now has reached global popularity. He also took the opportunity to sell autographed books on his official website.

  • “Dr.Now, we in Russia also love you very much.”
  • You are a national treasure.”
  • Dr. Now. Brazil loves you!!”
  • That’s great Dr. Very generous of you to offer that opportunity.”
  • We need Dr. Now t-shirts!”

My 600-lb Life: Fans Worry For The Show’s Future

Despite the show’s growing popularity, some fans couldn’t help but worry for Dr. Now. In a Reddit thread, some fans discussed how the My 600-lb Life star is becoming less active. Others also pointed out that his age may affect how he performs in surgeries. Due to this, several Reddit users assume that it’s only a matter of time before Dr. Now hangs up his scalpel.

Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From @younannowzaradan Instagram
Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From @younannowzaradan Instagram
  • “He’s 79! I’ve noticed in more recent seasons he looks a little bit like he’s wearing himself out. Some of those surgeries take so long, especially the skin removal ones. What are we going to do when he hangs up his scalpel? I’ve been wondering if maybe he will quit operating but still run the rest of the appointments. He has certainly earned retirement, but he seems too dedicated to give it all up.”
  • “Actually they already have Dr. Heydari onboard. He saved my best friend’s life when she had a herniated bowel obstruction and he’s a phenomenal bariatric surgeon. I suspect they may shift things over to him a bit.”
  • “Yeah most doctors would have retired like 10 years ago at least, so he’s clearly devoted. I also thought that if he still wanted to do the show, and or keep working, he could still do the consultations, but have someone else do the actual surgeries.”

Dr. Now has yet to open up about his imminent retirement. But many have been impressed by his dedication to his job, especially at his age.

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  1. I don’t see Dr Now hanging it up too soon I could be wrong but his brother worked all the way up to his passing

  2. I am amazed by this man! How many lives he saved is remarkable! All of these filmed patients have been over the edge of reasoning. He knows when to pull the plug and help another candidate!

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