Jenn Tran Reveals What She Is Looking For In A Man

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Jenn Tran recently revealed what she is looking for in a man. Some fans were shocked when she was announced as the next Bachelorette. They thought it was going to be either Maria Georgas or Daisy Kent. However, after hearing more from Jenn and how she plans to be during her season, fans are getting more excited. Tran is full of energy and promises to be chaotic.

Jenn Tran And Her Time With Joey

Jenn Tran was on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor. She was sent home, but after fans got to see a little bit of her humor. She was funny, and kind, and did not get involved in the drama. However, fans did not get to see a lot of her and are excited to see Jenn for who she truly is. Jenn is a PA student and has to put her school on hold while trying to find love. However, she feels this once-in-a-lifetime journey is worth taking a small break. She is also the first Asian Bachelorette. She even gets a new mansion for the season. Jenn is ecstatic to make a lot of firsts in the series.

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What Does She Want In A Man?

Jenn revealed what she is looking for in a man during an interview.

“So number one is like cheeky banter. Like if your sense of humor is my sense of humor that is all that I really want because I’ve always said this at the end of the day you know lust is going to fade and all this other like newness and whatever is going to fade. And if you have the same sense of humor and you still have that friendship at the end, like that’s what’s going to make a lasting relationship.”

She then let people know what her number one deal breaker is.

“Uh, chewing with your mouth open.”

Fans can agree on that one. It seems Jenn is ready to find someone to have fun and joke around with for the rest of her life. 

It seems Jenn wants a man who is going to ground her and bring her peace. She is not afraid to say she is chaotic and psychotic, but she is ready to find a man who balances her out. Fans got a sneak peek at some of the men who are going to be on her season. There are several from all over the country and fans cannot wait. What do you think of Jenn and what she wants? Sound off in the comments below.

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