One Of Jenn Tran’s ‘Bachelorette’ Contestants Already Under Fire

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Jenn Tran was announced as the next Bachelorette just days ago, but one of her contestants is already under fire for his romantic history. Keep reading for all the juicy details.

One Of Jenn Tran’s Bachelorette Contestants Already Under Fire

ABC is swiftly transitioning from The Bachelor to The Bachelorette now that Joey Graziadei got his happily ever after with Kelsey Anderson. Hopeful Bachelor Nation fans were anticipating an announcement during the After The Final Rose special about either the next Bachelorette or the first Golden Bachelorette.

The network made an announcement, but it wasn’t what many fans were expecting. Jenn Tran, who ended in fifth place on Joey’s season, was named as the next Bachelorette. Many fans were expecting it to be his runner-up, Daisy Kent.

Daisy Kent via YOuTube 7

ABC wasted no time in announcing Jenn’s 28 suitors, though they teased that not all of them would make the cut. One contestant got a negative reaction from people who claimed to know him personally.

Two comments posted on ABC’s official Bachelorette Facebook page accused Hassan, 28, of lying to producers about his status. The insiders claim that he was dating someone during the entire casting process. The show reportedly began filming this week.

Another person who knows the Denver native wrote on the Facebook post that they knew of at least three other girls Hassan allegedly cheated on.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Others Chime In

Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to discuss Hassan’s rumored dating history. A few Redditors also claimed to have firsthand knowledge of his playboy ways:

  • have deffff seen him while swiping through tinder đź«Ł not surprising… dating in denver is roughhh the men here are NOTHING to write home about.
  • I doubt he’ll make it past the first night anyways
  • If he gets enough backlash, it’s early enough that I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets cut.
  • How is it possible that men like this get girls who are 10’s and then cheat on them? What is wrong with men???!!!!!
  • Yep I know him and used to consider him a friend until we learned all this. He lost our entire group of friends for his actions, with the screenshots and receipts that are out there, I’m just baffled that he went through with doing the show.
  • Another incoming trainwreck like Trevor from LIB? How stupid are these men? In this day and age, you gonna get caught
  • Oh myyyy. Hopefully production is reading these comments and doesn’t let this guy on the season, we don’t need another ending like Hannah Brown’s.

One fan called the show out for rushing into a brand new season instead of fully vetting contestants. They wrote, “Casting be dropping the ball and rushing. That’s my biggest thing with them. Like it’s ok. To take a break. Y’all don’t have to film right away.”

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Bachelor Nation fans will see a familiar face on Season 21. Or a familiar last name. Bachelor In Paradise alum Noah Erb’s brother Aaron is among the potential suitors.

Do you think the producers are rushing Season 21? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. They really need to
    Vet these people better and certainly make sure they are not in a relationship and not lying about it! Too many lives and emotions at stake!

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