Proof Daisy Kent Was Meant To Be ‘Bachelorette’ But Backed Out?

Daisy Kent/Credit: ABC YouTube

A new Bachelorette was announced on Monday, March 25, but it wasn’t who fans were expecting. Online sleuths shared proof that Daisy Kent was meant to be the lead after all. Keep reading for all the details.

Jenn Tran Announced As Bachelorette

ABC confirmed last month that another season of the popular dating show The Bachelorette would air this summer. Fans immediately began throwing out names about which of Joey Graziadei’s contestants would get the gig. Two of the most popular names were Maria Georgas and Daisy Kent if Daisy didn’t wind up with Joey.

She didn’t. In a surprising turn of events, Daisy took herself out of the Bachelor competition at the last minute, freeing the way for Joey to propose to Kelsey Anderson. Daisy knew that Joey was in love with Kelsey and not her.

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Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei/Credit: ABC YouTube

The next Bachelorette was announced during the live After The Rose special. ABC chose Jenn Tran to lead Season 21. She will be the franchise’s first Asian Bachelorette. 

Proof Daisy Kent Was Meant To Be Bachelorette But Backed Out?

Jenn Tran finished Season 28 in fifth place. She never even got a hometown date, so some fans are confused as to why she was chosen. But it’s not just fans. It seems that a major news program was also expecting Daisy Kent to be the next Bachelorette.

They even announced it on social media. Good Morning America seemingly didn’t get the memo and released a pre-written post announcing Daisy Kent as Bachelorette. A Bachelor Nation fan posted the screengrab on Reddit to see if anyone else saw it.

Credit: Reddit

What Fans Think

The fan speculated that Daisy was meant to be Bachelorette but backed out at the last minute. Other Bachelor Nation fans were divided over what the GMA gaffe meant. Check out some of the comments:

  • No. I think whoever posted that ran with “she came out after Jesse announced they would tell who was the bachelorette” and fell for the hype.
  • “Backed out last minute” yet Jenn had the bachelorette edit for the women tell all, and they just happened to have the promo photos ready, etc.
  • It seems like Daisy, Maria and Rachel all turned it down.
  • This makes sense with Jen’s appearance last night, she seemed surprised and nervous. I feel bad for her to be on the spot like that
  • It seemed like Jesse/Daisy went as far to publicly say “Daisy turned town Bachelorette” without publicly saying it when Jesse brought Daisy out after Joey and Kelsey said goodbye and Daisy said “I’m not ready”.
  • It’s possible. But it’s also likely they simply had multiple ads – one for each potential. And they picked the wrong one. It’s like how the major media sources have obituaries ready for all the major celebs and leaders.

Do you think Daisy Kent was meant to be Bachelorette but backed out at the last minute because she wasn’t ready so soon after heartbreak? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. She backed out because she is a smart one. This show is starting to remind of a political backdrop for all the non-white people. I have no problem with that, but I would love to see a “White History Month”, or something like that. This is not a show about love any more and if I hear one more contestant say “it’s hard to process” I will never watch again.

  2. I think that she is smart. She has heartache to get over and I am sure she is busy. I wonder if there is something else in the works for her? I mean Daisy has such a big following, and it would be a shame if she just fades away. I would really have preferred if she had been picked by Joey.

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