Sarah Hyland Confirms ‘Love Island’ Departure, Upset How News Revealed

Sarah Hyland-YouTube

Sarah Hyland has officially confirmed her exit from the Peacock series Love Island. At the same time, she is not happy with how the news was revealed to her. So, what did she have to say now that the word is out? Keep reading for more details.

Sarah Hyland Confirms Love Island Departure, Upset How News Revealed

Earlier on Wednesday, March 27th, word broke that Ariana Madix would be replacing Sarah Hyland as the host of Love Island. She had guest-starred on the hit reality series during the last season so it was like passing the torch. The reason that Sarah would be exiting was due to a scheduling conflict so it did not appear to be bad blood or anything of the sort. However, nothing had been signed for Ariana but there was nothing holding her back. She is currently wrapping up her run as Roxie Hart in Chicago on Broadway.

Ariana Madix-YouTube
Ariana Madix-YouTube

Additionally, neither Ariana nor Sarah had spoken out on the transition. Now, that has all changed as the former Modern Family star took to her Instagram to break the news. She admitted that this was not the way that she had wanted to share that she was leaving. Yet, it is true that she will be exiting Love Island due to an unannounced “exciting project” which she promised to share soon. Unfortunately, the dates Sarah has to film this project are the same as that of Love Island therefore she could not do both.

Sarah Hyland-Instagram
Sarah Hyland-Instagram

Sarah Hyland did not say who would take her place just yet and Ariana Madix has kept quiet for now. However, Sarah did say she is ready to see a lot of love over the summer. So, she will still be tuning in as a fan even if she cannot host. Fans of the show immediately took to Twitter/X to share how they felt about a new host:

A Perfect Fit

It appeared that Love Island fans were not necessarily upset to see Sarah Hyland leave. They learned that Ariana Madix would be filling her shoes and, knowing what a fan she is of the show, made it all the more fitting. It made sense to have a true fan as the host which is why Ariana is perfect. She made a splash when she appeared last season and now she can test out her hosting chops. While it is sad that Sarah is leaving and she did not get to announce it the way she wanted, it looks like she is getting an amazing opportunity.

Are you upset to see Sarah exit or are you ready for a new host? Let us know in the comments below.

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