‘Love Island: All Stars’ Georgia Takes Time From Social Media Hate

Georgia Steel

Georgia Steel was on the first season of Love Island: All Stars. While on the show, she was not a fan favorite due to not being able to make up her mind. However, she received an enormous amount of hate and was not prepared for it when she returned home. Once she found out about the trolling when she got home, she decided to take time away from social media.

Georgia Steel And Her Journey

Georgia Steel had a rollercoaster ride on her journey on the show. She started in a couple with Toby Aromolaran until things went south. After they decided to end things, she started her fling with Callum. He seemed to be into Georgia and wanted to explore where it could go. The two even spent time in The Hideaway together. However, when her ex-fling Tom came into the villa, she was unsure of what she wanted. This resulted in a lot of drama in the villa, and she was not the most loved. However, Toby decided he still had feelings for Georgia and blindsided Arabella at the recoupling when he chose Georgia instead. The two were in a couple from then till the end. However, Georgia and Toby were not liked and realized that once they left the villa.

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She Takes Time Away From Social Media

This was a whirlwind of emotions for Georgia Steel when she returned home. The islanders do not get to be on social media or have their phones while they are in the villa. This resulted in Georgia having no idea what to expect when she got home and got her phone back. Little did she know, she was receiving a lot of hate for her actions while on the show. The other islanders were taking this time to give insight into their mistakes on the show. However, Steel felt it was best for her to take a step back.

“Georgia felt like she needed to take a bit of an extended social detox. She was really quite shocked when she heard about the trolling she received while she was in the villa and wants to keep offline for a bit,”


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It seems as though fans did not like her uncertainty on the show. However, there should never be that amount of hate for trying to figure out what you want. While the other islanders are trying to clear their names on social media, Georgia took a step back completely. It is unknown if Georgia and Toby are still together, but everything will end up the way it is supposed to. How did you feel about Georgia Steel? Do you think she deserves all the hate? Sound off in the comments below.

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