‘Fixer To Fabulous’ Disgusting Deleted Scene Shocks Fans

Dave and Jenny Marrs 'Fixer to Fabulous' - YouTube, HGTV

Fixer To Fabulous: Italiano has swiftly become a fan favorite on HGTV. Viewers love the show’s hosts Dave and Jenny Marrs. The latest installation of the fixer-upper program is taking place in Chianti, Italy where they are renovating a friend’s villa. While there is plenty of drama that unfolds on the show, there is even more that happens behind the scenes. Dave and Jenny shared a deleted scene on Instagram and fans are a bit grossed out. Continue reading to see why.

Dave Marrs Makes A Major Mistake In Italy

As Fixer To Fabulous takes on Italy, fans see the significant differences between renovating a historic villa and fixing up homes in Bentonville, Arkansas. Not only is it more difficult, but the couple has run into unique challenges throughout their time in the country.

Now that the newest season has premiered, Dave and Jenny Marrs have started to share deleted scenes as well as some of their favorite memories from creating the Italiano series. They have also taken to Instagram to share some behind-the-scenes footage that won’t air with the show.

The most recent clip shared on social media has fans either laughing or gagging.

Dave and Jenny Marrs 'Fixer to Fabulous' - Instagram
Instagram/Jenny Marrs

A deleted scene was posted to Jenny Marrs’s Instagram page, tagging Dave. The caption read, “Deleted scene from #fixertofabulousitaliano!! We had so much to do each day while in Tuscany … we simply did not have time to get sick. Who knew consuming one’s body weight in figs would have this effect?!”

In the clip, the couple is in the car on the way to the villa they are renovating. Dave appears to be in distress while he is driving and Jenny is reading from her phone. She relayed, “Oh gosh, it says figs may cause diarrhea.” To which Dave replied, ” “I don’t want to hear it, don’t tell me.”

Fixer To Fabulous Deleted Scenes On Instagram

The video then flashes back to the day before when Dave Marrs discovers a fig tree. He says that he ate close to 50 figs. “Do you think it’s good to eat that many?,” Jenny questioned his decision. Dave simply replied, “It’s fruit!”

Apparently, it’s not recommended that anyone eat more than two or three figs at one time. Dave said the situation quickly became an emergency and admitted, “I pooped myself.”

After seeing the deleted scene, many fans were angry that the network decided to axe it from the final cut for Fixer To Fabulous: Italiano. 


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“Whyyyyyyyy would you delete that scene?! I’m crying laughing!” one person commented on the post. “Hands down the most honest moment ever in a home im-poo-vment show. It needs [its] own Emmy category,” another fan wrote “Ok!!!! That is the best outtake of the century!!” someone else laughed.

Jenny Marrs responded to one follower, clarifying that she and Dave don’t get to make any choices about editing the HGTV program. “We didn’t want it to be deleted, either. We aren’t a part of the edit process, so I will just share all the deleted and hilarious content here!!” So, fans can look forward to more behind-the-scenes and deleted clips on Instagram.

There are still four more episodes left in this season of Fixer To Fabulous. It airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on HGTV.

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