Why Did Christine’s Mom Not Manage Meri Brown’s B&B?

Meri Brown, Sister Wives

When revisiting some of the past episodes of Sister Wives, fans are filled with burning questions about some of the events that transpired. Specifically, one incident came up that perplexes fans. Notably, when Meri Brown wanted to buy her family’s bed and breakfast, Christine’s mom was involved and then mysteriously wasn’t all of a sudden.

Meri Brown Asks Family To Help

During Sister Wives Season 12, Meri Brown took Christine Brown’s mom to tour what is now Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. At that point, Grandma Annie was planning to help manage the property that Meri’s grandmother grew up in. However, after their visit, Meri pitches the idea of purchasing the property with the Brown family to support but gets pushback about the business being too much of a risk.

Meri Brown and Christine's mom, Annie, looking at the property. - Sister Wives
Meri Brown and Christine’s mom, Annie, looking at the property. – Sister Wives

Meri discusses it with Kody, Robyn, Janelle, and Christine. Sadly, they turn her down and she digs her heels in to find a way without them. “This is my baby,” Meri admits in a confessional. “They don’t care about the house or the bed-and-breakfast business. Once I get this house done, I don’t want to have any more business meetings about my house. I want to run my business my way.”

Meri Brown And Christine’s Mom’s Plans Change

On Reddit, a Sister Wives fan opens a thread saying, “Christine’s mom & the bed and breakfast.” Then adds, “I’ve been rewatching the seasons. Many new questions in rewatching. Then the one question I have burning is when Meri wanted to first by the family home back into the family. She took Christine’s mom with her to look at with her at one point. Meri was talking about having Christine’s mom run it for her. Then the next episode it seems like, Meri’s mom is mentioned to run or just live there. Anyone have a clue what happened to Christine’s mom to run the place? I’m sure there is a reason but I’m just so curious!”

They meet up to tour the B&B. - Sister Wives
They meet up to tour the B&B. – Sister Wives

Other Fans Add Insight On The Matter

Most of the Sister Wives fans believe that Christine Brown’s mom was excluded when Kody, Robyn, Janelle, and Christine decided not to help with the funding of the purchase. Additionally, Meri Brown’s mom, Bonnie, changed her mind and wanted to live in the home as well.

  • Probably had something to do with Kody, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn declaring a functioning BnB an ‘unwise business decision’, leaving Meri to scramble to find alternative ways to get a short term loan (as in Bonnie and her brother – I think but not totally sure – helping with the down payment). Why would Meri want Christine’s mom involved after debacle? That would have given the Clan, who had already shunned and ostracized her every way they could, an excuse to get their hands on the profits. Meri is dumb when it comes to family but she’s not stupid when it comes to business 🤷‍♀️.”

Christine’s mom & the bed and breakfast
byu/Struggle-busMom337 inSisterWivesFans

Meri Brown’s Mom Seems To Have A Financial Investment

Another fan talks about an interview where Meri Brown talks about how her mom sold her home to assist with the purchase of the B&B. After Meri was denied money from her husband and sister wives, she hunkers down to make money off her MLM business. However, perhaps just coincidental, Bonnie sold her home at the same time. Seemingly, the timing points to Meri’s mom helping support her dream.

  • “I watched an interview Meri did and she said that her mother Bonnie sold her own home which is how Meri got the down payment for the B&B, this left Bonnie with no home which is why Meri wanted Bonnie to live at the B&B and not run it but Kody was against it. Kody said they would lose money having Bonnie take up a room that would other wise produce income. I believe this is why Annie was no longer an option for running the B&B though Meri did not address that part only the fact her mom sold her house for the down payment.”
Somehow, something fell through after their tour of the B&B. - Sister Wives
Somehow, something fell through after their tour of the B&B. – Sister Wives

The Discussion Mysteriously Ends

Additionally, another person notes that after Meri Brown’s problem with her husband and sister wives, Annie wasn’t on the show anymore either. Some people mentioned that Christine’s mom had to go take care of a family member and wasn’t available for the venture. Furthermore, the discussion with Annie wasn’t on film, lending to the idea she didn’t want the conversation to air.

  • “Annie was gone from the entire show after this. So no one knows what happened. One day she was there and excited to run it. The next day she was completely gone, moved out of Christine’s and no explanation. I’ve read lots of theories – that she had a sister she had to go take care of… – that Christine didn’t want Annie involved. – who knows… I don’t think there is a simple answer.”

What do you think about the reason behind Christine‘s mom backing out of running Lizzie’s? Do you think that Meri Brown retracted the offer after her mom wanted to live in the inn? Or was the back-and-forth indecision too much for Annie to stay involved with? Are you ready to see more Sister Wives episodes? Drop your comments below.

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