Kody Brown Shuts Down Cameo In Wake Of Garrison’s Death

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Kody Brown has apparently shut down his Cameo account in the wake of his son Garrison Brown’s death. News of Garrison’s death broke on Tuesday, March 5. At the time of his passing, Kody and his son were still estranged. However, that has not stopped the Sister Wives star from taking a break to process the immense loss. Keep reading to see why Kody Brown has decided to shut down his money-making account.

Kody Brown Shuts Down Cameo

Cameo is a website where you can pay for personalized messages and videos from some of your favorite stars. Some celebrities even offer meet-ups and other perks when you subscribe to their Cameo page. Kody Brown is known for making videos and shout-outs for his fans on the site.

According to his page, fans can pay $10 for a message from the Sister Wives star. That is, they could pay for messages from Kody prior to him shutting the page down. It isn’t clear why Kody Brown decided to take a break from Cameo, but it is assumed he is taking time to focus on processing the loss of his son.

Kody Brown Shuts Down Cameo

Kody shared Garrison with his ex-wife, Janelle Brown. The former couple share six children together and were married for two decades before they split up in 2023.

Garrison Brown was found in his home by his younger brother, Gabe. He had a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The Flagstaff Police Department responded to the scene and took statements from the family as well as Garrison’s roommates.

Is Kody Brown Struggling To Cope Amid The Loss Of His Son?

Janelle Brown has spoken out about her son’s mental health leading up to his death in early March. She told police who responded to his home that she wished she would have gotten him help. Garrison’s roommates and brother also admitted that the 25-year-old also struggled with alcohol abuse.

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Kody Brown did not come to the scene at the time. Gabriel Brown was going to pick him up but came back without his father. The reason is unknown, however, it is rumored that emergency mental health services responded to a call at Kody’s residence two days after Garrison was discovered in his Arizona home.

A neighbor filmed what they believed to be emergency response vehicles in front of the home on Thursday, March 7. It isn’t clear in the clip whether or not the cars actually belonged to an emergency response team. Now that Kody Brown seems to be taking a break from his Cameo as well, it may be safe to say he’s struggling to cope with the death of his son.

The entire family has been shattered by the loss. The Brown family laid Garrison to rest earlier this week in a private ceremony.

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  1. This is the time you might feel sorry for Kody, so sorry for your loss. Now is the time to

    To apologize to your other children and show them you love them, MAKE AMENDS

  2. I personally don’t think Koty will EVER bring himself to even TRY to fix his relationship with ANY of those he has been a TOTAL ASS to.

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