‘The Masked Singer’ Who Is Poodle Moth? All The Hints & Clues

Poodle Moth on The Masked Singer / YouTube

The new episode of The Masked Singer saw four new singers show up to compete for the big prize. Two singers had to fight for their lives, with Lizard beating out Spaghetti & Meatballs in the Smackdown. However, two other singers moved on without concern, with Poodle Moth and Clock safe to move forward.

Here is what we know about Poodle Moth, the clue package, and who we think is under the costume on The Masked Singer.

Poodle Moth Performs On The Masked Singer

Poodle Moth is one of the strangest costumes on The Masked Singer this season, as it is a moth that looks like a furry poodle with a big voice. She came out and performed the Billy Joel song “Just the Way You Are.” Poodle Moth received praise from the panelists, with Rita Ora saying it was the most powerful voice she had heard so far.

Poodle Moth on The Masked Singer / YouTube

In the clues package, Poodle Moth said that she is one of a kind, but getting discovered is all one needs. She talked in a tree-lined plaza under a full moon and said she was always drawn to the flame. However, she said the bright lights were not meant for her. Poodle Moth then pulled a cowboy hat out from a tree.

She said she kept saying she was never pretty or talented enough to make it. As a result, she started helping other people achieve their dreams. Poodle Moth started reading a book with an American flag on the cover and said she wanted to spread her own wings.

She said, “I took the leap, and I was discovered.” There was a red moth in the sky, which was not lit up by lanterns. She said she was “one of a kind” and “perfect, just the way you are.” After her performance, the Men in Black brought out the last clue. It was a baseball hat that had “OPRY” on it. Poodle Moth performed at the Grand Ole Opry.

Who Is Poodle Moth On The Masked Singer?

After her performance, the panelists gave their guesses on who Poodle Moth is. Robin Thicke guessed Trisha Yearwood. When it came to Rita Ora, she guessed it could be Wynonna Judd. Ken Jeong had a very different guess. he thinks that Poodle Moth is Rita Wilson. All three of those women performed at the Grand Ole Opry.

Trisha Yearwood makes sense when it comes to those original guesses. Before her musical career, started, Trisha worked for MTM Records and sang background vocals for several new artists. this included her future husband Garth Brooks. Finally, in 1991, she released her debut album and was an immediate star.

The American flag could represent her number one song, “XXX’s and OOO’s (An American Girl).” The baseball cap could represent the charity she runs with Garth Brooks, the Teammates for Kids Foundation.

What do you think of our guesses about Poodle Moth on The Masked Singer? Who do you think is under the costume? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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