‘RHONY’ Viewers ‘Shocked’ Jenna Lyons Returning

Jenna Lyons-YouTube

RHONY viewers are “shocked” that Jenna Lyons appears to be returning for another season along with the rest of the women. The rebooted version of the Bravo series ended up doing incredibly well. Yet, Lyons was not someone expected to come back. Read on for more details.

RHONY Viewers ‘Shocked’ Jenna Lyons Returning

When Season 13 of RHONY ended without a reunion and no hope for one, fans had no idea what to expect. Was the show over for good? It looked like the OG cast was put on hold for the time being while Bravo reevaluated the whole situation. Then, they came back and said they had a new idea. There would be two versions of the hit Housewives franchise. First off, the network would be completely recasting the ladies with new, fresh women. Additionally, they would have a Legacy cast with the best of the best from the previous thirteen seasons. Jenna Lyons came in with style and a chic attitude which fans appreciated.

Jenna Lyons-YouTube
Jenna Lyons-YouTube

After the season ended, she seemed indifferent to returning. The former President of J. Crew did not attend BravoCon 2023, claiming she had a prior commitment. According to People, she was very evasive when she was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in November 2023. He wanted to know if she would be back and she replied: “I don’t have an answer. I genuinely don’t know.” Now, it seems Lyons is back and a Reddit thread has been started to express fans’ shock. The OP wrote this:

    • I’m shocked Jenna Lyons is back


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So, what did followers have to say upon learning this news and were they, too, shocked?

  • I love how Jenna brought a fresh perspective on what a Real Housewife can be
  • I appreciate a housewife that is actually an authentic person!
  • Yaaasss bravo lesbians we’re up!!!!!
  • Sai is back??? Jenna Lyons is back?? I hope they step up their game in season 2 because it really was not it.
  • I enjoyed Jenna and I never understood the comments saying she wouldn’t return.

Will This Season Work?

Despite some excitement over Jenna Lyons returning to RHONY, there were fans who were not thrilled with the rest of the cast. They do not care for Sai, in particular, or Erin and are curious about the two new housewives. The hope is it will be two Legacy wives. More so, there were questions about how this new season could be more entertaining than the first. Yet, viewers are willing to give it another chance to find its groove which is fair. Time will tell what Season 2 or 15, whichever is preferred, will bring.

Are you happy that Jenna Lyons is coming back or did you think she would sign on regardless? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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