‘General Hospital’ Explains Where Jason Morgan’s Been For 2 Years

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General Hospital is finally explaining where Jason Morgan has been for the last two years. He was presumed to be dead in a tunnel collapse. Yet, now he is back and that has led to a lot of questions. So, what is the explanation and how did Morgan survive? Read on for more details.

General Hospital Explains Where Jason Morgan’s Been For 2 Years

When Steve Burton was let go from General Hospital in 2021, they killed his character off in a tunnel collapse. This made a lot of sense but in the soap world, no one is ever really dead. Such is the case for Jason Morgan who resurfaced earlier this month. He was a part of a shooting that nearly took out Sonny Corinthos and ended up getting Dante. Of course, now that it is clear he did not die, Port Charles and viewers at home want to know what Jason has been up to for two years.

'General Hospital' Steve Burton/YouTube
‘General Hospital’ Steve Burton/YouTube

Now, the answer has been revealed in the Thursday, March 14th episode. According to Soaps, Michael was the one who learned the details. He was bringing clean clothes to Jason and saw a Jesus tattoo. Fans have been going crazy over Steve Burton’s sleeve which was not there when he exited. The hope was that this new ink may also be addressed along with his whereabouts. Due to the collapse and all of the rubble that was there, Jason could not get to everyone else who had been on the island. However, he was able to make it to the beach.

On the beach, he did not get a happy welcome but rather men with guns were standing there. This part was not expanded upon but he was flown from Greece and locked up in a windowless room. Eventually, an offer was made and Jason had to take it. He has since been working as a “military contractor” but his last job was to help assist in killing Sonny. When he discovered that, he ensured the bullet missed him, which Carly had felt all along.

It’s Not Over

After all of this was revealed, it was not over. General Hospital had some more twists and turns for Jason Morgan. He shared that his mission was not done just yet but that he had to finish it or there would be serious consequences. Apparently, “Something I can’t live with,” he explained. However, the craziest part was discovering who was behind Jason’s mission: Jagger Cates. Yes, he is back and he is not to be messed with.

So, what did you think of Jason’s big reveal? Was it good enough or anticlimactic? Let us know and watch General Hospital weekdays on ABC.

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