Possible ‘Terrifying’ ‘Jeopardy!’ Changes Brewing

Ken Jennings-YouTube

There is a possible “terrifying” change brewing at Jeopardy! and it could happen any moment now. A lot has happened this last year at the long-running game show. Yet, this is something that would affect viewing and fans do not like those changes. Read on for more details.

Possible ‘Terrifying’ Jeopardy! Changes Brewing

Game show viewers like consistency and that makes perfect sense. They were up in arms when things shifted in the way the letter board was controlled on Wheel of Fortune. Yes, it was a sign of the evolving times and technology. However, diehard fans struggled to adapt, and with good reason. Now, something big is allegedly being considered for Jeopardy! and show EP, Michael Davies knows it comes with a risk. They just changed from a two-host system and went back to the original format of just one. It was a risk when Alex Trebek passed away as they could not find the perfect host to take his place.

Mayim Bialik, Ken Jennings/Jeopardy/YouTube
Mayim Bialik, Ken Jennings-YouTube

That was when the idea of having both Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik came into play. Yet, with Bialik on leave due to the strikes, it was clear they only needed one host and that was Jennings. Therefore, Bialik was let go. Now, according to The Sun, Davies is toying with another idea, which he shared on the show’s podcast. The clues will be seen on a split screen, as done in Celebrity Jeopardy! rather than taking up the entire screen.

“We’ve heard that some parts of our audience get very lost in our gameplay. Now with all of the Daily Double hunting, people jump all over, they go to the deeper dollar value first and jump all over the board. I don’t think it would ever be natural to dictate players to play in a certain order. [But] one change we made in Celebrity [Jeopardy!] that I still find remarkable is that we didn’t get more people commenting on was that we left the three contestants on the right side of the screen.”

So, why was this done on one show and not the other? Davies shared: “We put it into Celebrity and not the regular show because I was terrified there would be an outcry from the audience about that being the change.”

How It Works

The idea is not that scary. The Jeopardy! contestants are displayed along with the entire puzzleboard. Then, once a clue is selected, it takes up the whole screen allowing viewers to fully take it in and read it. Essentially, those at home will have a better chance to fully see the board not quick glimpses. Michael Davies explained that since no one complained about this format for the Celebrity edition, it made him rethink adding it to the daily show. He is not taking his time deciding, either. This could happen anytime but those behind the scenes are going to be careful.

Is this a change that would bother you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. I STILL prefer Mayim Balik as host. I don’t watch Jeopardy as much as I used to … prior to Ken Jennings.

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