Mama June Gives Life Update On Anna Cardwell’s Girls

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Mama June Shannon is giving a life update on her late daughter, Anna Cardwell’s daughters, Kylee and Kaitlyn. They watched their mother fight through nearly a year of stage 4 adrenal carcinoma and now, they have been displaced. So, are they handling everything okay in the aftermath? Read on for more details.

Mama June Gives Life Update On Anna Cardwell’s Girls

When Anna Cardwell was diagnosed with cancer, it was a huge shocker for the whole family. Everyone appeared to rally for the sake of Mama June’s eldest daughter. As seen in this season of Family Crisis, a big concern is Anna figuring out what would happen with her two daughters, Kylee and Kaitlyn. She had been married to Kylee’s father, Michael Cardwell therefore he would take custody of his daughter in the event of Anna’s passing. However, Kaitlyn’s father was never in the picture so that was far murkier. Who would get custody of the tween and where would she go?

Anna Cardwell, Kylee Cardwell, Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook
Anna Cardwell, Kylee Cardwell, Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook

Pumpkin considered taking the girls but she really wanted her sister to have all of this sorted out sooner rather than later. Anna had a plan and that was to live long enough to watch her eldest child go to high school. Sadly, she passed in early December 2023 and Kaitlyn was left in the custody of June and her husband, Justin Stroud. Now, June is giving an update as to how the girls are doing in the wake of Anna’s passing. She opened up to People about how things were going in the aftermath.

“Kaitlyn currently lives with me and Justin [Stroud]. Then, Kylee, she lives with her biological father, but we all knew that. People will see that also probably they’re talking about the situation as the season goes along,” Mama June explained. Clearly, this is her way of saying to watch the show so fans of Anna’s can see how it all plays out. Unfortunately, from what fans have seen when the WeTV cameras are not rolling, June’s home isn’t the best space for Kaitlyn.

Where Does Kaitlyn Belong?

Shortly after Anna Cardwell passed away, Mama June was back on social media. She was out with Justin Stroud and Kaitlyn. What bothered followers was that she was filming her granddaughter when she clearly wanted to be left alone. More so, fans have caught both Justin and Pumpkin’s husband, Josh Efird screaming at and treating Kaitlyn horribly. They fear that this is not the right environment for the young girl, especially after all she has been through. Michael Cardwell is fighting for custody of her so time will tell how that goes down.

Do you believe that Mama June should be raising Kaitlyn or is she unfit after what she put her own kids through? Let us know and watch Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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