Who Is Ugly Sweater On ‘The Masked Singer’: All The Clues & Hints

Ugly Sweater on The Masked Singer / YouTube

The new season of The Masked Singer had five different contestants performing. However, when the night ended, the fans didn’t get a chance to vote. There were two women and three men, and when the last man unmasked unceremoniously as Kevin Hart, he self-eliminated himself. This meant the other singers moved on, including Ugly Sweater.

Here is what you need to know about Ugly Sweater on The Masked Singer and who we think is under the mask.

What To Know About Ugly Sweater On The Masked Singer

Ugly Sweater came out on the Season 11 premiere of The Masked Singer and sang the Tina Turner song “The Best.” In his clues package, he said that he hit the scene as “a young, handsome, ugly sweater.” He said he was the “epitome of style” and was on top of the world. However, he then said he lost his focus.

Ugly Sweater on The Masked Singer / YouTube

His story got dark after that, as Ugly Sweater said that his “whole world unraveled.” Rain came and a black and white rabbit in a tophat showed up as Ugly Sweater said he went from sleeping in penthouses to sleeping on park benches. He said his life was “hanging by a thread” and he hit “rock bottom.” He then said the only way to reclaim his voice was to start fighting.

An alarm clock rang and the rain stopped. He said that he is now back on top and “better than before.” He said he wanted to win The Masked Singer trophy for the people who helped him get back onto his feet. There was one last clue after his performance. It was an orange ugly sweater with four eyes on it and the word “Featuring” in green written across it. He said Ugly Sweaters are always in style and all the biggest stars want to work with him.

Who Is Ugly Sweater On The Masked Singer?

After the performance and clues package, the panelists offered up their guesses. Robin Thicke threw out a lot of names, including Aaron Neville, Ronald Isely, Eddie Levert, and Charlie Wilson. Ken Jeung then guessed it might be Nile Rodgers. New panelist Rita Ora guessed El DeBarge but then said it might be Verdine White from Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Whoever is in the Ugly Sweater costume had hard times in his life before rebounding. For the only time in Week 1, we agree with one of the panelists. We think that this is Charlie Wilson. He started in The Gap Band with his brothers. However, addiction issues caused him to fall and in the 1990s, he did live on the streets.

For the clue that said the biggest stars want to work with him, his life since his homeless days has been impressive. He has worked with Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kanye West.

Do you agree with our guess of Ugly Sweater on The Masked SingerWho do you think is under the mask this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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