Daisy Kent’s Life Straight Out Of A Hallmark Movie, Where Does She Live?

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Daisy Kent has a life straight out of a Hallmark Movie. After fans saw the Christmas Tree Farm she grew up on, they were obsessed. They also feel as though if she does not win, she will have some love waiting for her back home. Viewers loved seeing the final four women take Joey to their hometowns. However, fans were upset when they saw Maria Georgas was sent home.

Daisy Kent And Her Journey

Daisy Kent has not had the easiest time in life. She suffered from Lyme Disease and now has a cochlear implant. She had to go overseas to get treatments where they raised her body temperature to 107 degrees. They also had to take her plasma, clean it, and put it back in her body. Daisy ended up losing most of her hearing and had to get a cochlear implant. Some things have not sounded the same to Daisy. However, fans saw Daisy hear her brother normally for the first time at her hometown date and it was special.

Credit: Daisy Kent Instagram
Credit: Daisy Kent Instagram

Her Life Is A Hallmark Movie

Daisy Kent grew up in Minnesota before she moved to California. She grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm and fans did not realize how dreamy it was until last night’s episode. They feel as though she is living in a Hallmark Movie.

  • “Daisy is straight out of a hallmark movie. Grew up on a Christmas tree farm???!!,” said a user. “daisy is so taylor swift coded re: growing up on a christmas tree farm…she’s my front runner rn,”
  • “If Daisy doesn’t win I’m sure she’ll return home to her Christmas tree farm and reconnect with a long lost high school love who just quit his job as a big city lawyer.”
  • “As far as I’m concerned the season is over. Daisy’s family owns a Christmas tree farm. It’s a Hallmark movie in real life. Call Neil Lane,”
  • “The Hallmark execs finding out about Daisy’s family-owned Christmas tree farm,”

It seems as though Daisy has been living her Hallmark and Taylor Swift life. This made fans fall in love with Daisy even more when they saw where she grew up. Next week is going to be hard for Joey. In the preview, viewers saw him break down more than once which did not shock anyone. Joey has been vulnerable the whole time and has been honest. Who do you think is going to win? How do you feel about where Daisy grew up? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Funny I really liked her the moment she met Joey. For a person who has had so much ‘thrown’ at her, she is so engaging and full of kindness. I think many of us resonate with her because she reminds us of the girl next door or our sister or granddaughter. She has spunk and would be a great partner for Joey. Joey has to want her above the others to make this work. If he does not choose her. I think she would make a great Bachelorette. Other women talk about what they want to do, Daisy has just gone and done it. In many ways her life does look like a Hallmark movie. I love how she doesn’t stray from her etics and stays true to herself. One gutsy lady.

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