Joey Graziadei Reveals If Mental Health Experts Were On Set

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Bachelor Joey Graziadei revealed if there were mental health experts available for him and contestants should they need guidance. Mental health has been a big topic for discussion lately. Many reality television stars have expressed how much they need or could have used them. Did The Bachelor production crew have mental health experts on hand? Keep reading to find out what Joey shared.

Joey Graziadei Reveals If Mental Health Experts Were Available

Decider caught up with Bachelor Joey Graziadei to talk about his season and ask him some important questions. One of those questions was if the show provided mental health support for him and the contestants. They also asked if he felt this was something that should be required. Joey said,

Yes, we are lucky on the show that we do have people that are there to help in that process. We have great doctors that are there to talk through mental health, and I think it is important. I think that it’s still sometimes in today’s world a little bit of a taboo subject, and I’m learning more and more how much it can help me to have those conversations. I think that it’s important in an environment like this because it is real. There are difficult situations that are tough to go through. So to have people to help you through that is really important. I’m grateful for it, and I know that women are, too.

Mental health has been a topic that has come up over past seasons, especially after filming ends and the lead and contestants are forced to hear public opinions.

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Most of those who had a hard time were open about their struggles with mental health, Clayton Echard being one of them. Since everyone goes through so many emotions in a short amount of time, it seems like a good idea to have help available if they need it.

Does He Have Any Regrets As Far As The Drama That Took Place

Joey Graziadei also shared if he regrets any of his decisions that involved the drama that took place between Maria and Sydney. He said that he tries not to have regrets about anything.

However, he wanted to remind fans that viewers do not see everything that happens. He also does not see everything that happens and that makes it a tough situation to be in.

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What do you think about Joey confirming the show does have mental health experts available should they be needed?

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