Sydney Gordon Addresses Hateful Backlash Over ‘Bachelor’ Drama

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Sydney Gordon is speaking out over all the hurtful and hateful messages she has been getting over all the Bachelor drama. She went home Monday night after Joey Graziadei took her and Maria Georgas on an intense two-on-one date. There has been ongoing drama between the two of them for a few weeks now. It finally came to an end. However, for Sydney, her nightmare was not over. Since she was deemed the “villain” of The Bachelor, many trolls continue to be awful to her. Keep reading to see what she had to say about it all.

Sydney Gordon addresses hateful messages

Sydney Gordon became the villain on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor when she insisted that Maria Georgas was a bully. She insisted that Maria was saying bad things to her. Maria denied the claims and was seemingly always having to defend herself.

Joey took both of these ladies on a two-on-one date Monday night where he made a final decision about who he had more of a connection with. He sent Sydney home.

Now, Sydney went to Instagram to share some of the hateful messages she has been receiving from internet trolls. She made a video addressing the situation. She shared two verbal messages she received and she said they were just “two of the thousands of hurtful messages” she’s received. Some of the trolls called her a “f–king bitch” and “a skank.”

Sydney Gordon via insta

Sydney continued to talk about the hurt she feels from all the hate. She said, “Every time I open up Instagram, TikTok, I am constantly reminded of all the insecurities that it took me so long to overcome. To hear, ‘You’re ugly’ [and] ‘You look like a man,’ it almost feels like I went back to square one.”

One person even told her she was better off dead.

Sydney went on to say, “People struggle with [suicidal] ideation. That is something that should not be taken lightly. That is not something that we should be joking about. We as a society need to be better, we need to do better, we deserve better.”


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She said the cast members are all human beings

Sydney Gordon went on to say that fans may not like the character created on television but off-screen they are real human beings with real feelings.

She also shared that she can’t comment on the details of The Bachelor but there are some things she wishes she would have done differently.

Sydney concluded by thanking everyone for listening to her and also letting everyone know she turned off comments to protect her peace.

What do you think about Sydney’s exit and her speech?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. The comments are a direct result of her behavior. There are consequences for actions. Her actions on the show were disgusting. She lied and she was the bully. She manipulates those around her. Has she apologized yet? Once I see that, then I’m willing to extend her grace.

  2. I think she set herself up for a bad outcome. When you put yourself in front of the world on camera, you open yourself up to a plethora of personalities with opinions of varying types of class. You have to prepare for anything.
    I am in no way condoning the actual bullying she is now getting. I am saying even if she had executed her time on the show wonderfully she would be getting backlash. The behavior she exhibited only compounds her issue. As a viewer with only a small glimpse into her life, I believe she could benefit greatly by attending some therapy sessions to work on her self- worth and her need to focus on the issues of others even to a detriment of her own well-being.

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