‘Vanderpump Rules’ OG Peter Madrigal Explains Season 11 Absence

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Vanderpump Rules fans are really missing SUR staple Peter Madrigal. He explains why he isn’t on Season 11 of the reality show. Keep reading to find out the shocking reason.

Is Peter Madrigal Still Friends With VPR Co-Stars?

Vanderpump Rules viewers have noticed a stark absence from Season 11, and it’s not Rachel Leviss. Long-time SUR manager Peter Madrigal hasn’t been seen in the new season so far.

During the early seasons, Peter was close with Jax Taylor, Tom Schwartz, and Tom Sandoval. He was often involved in their shenanigans. Are they still close?

Somewhat surprisingly, Peter Madrigal revealed on a podcast this week that he is no longer friends with the Toms or Jax. In fact, he only keeps in touch with one Vanderpump Rules star – Scheana Shay.

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Vanderpump Rules OG Peter Madrigal Explains Season 11 Absence

Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules premiered on January 30. The season is about half over, and many fans want to know one thing: Where is Peter??

The VPR OG chatted with blogger Jenny Blaze of Bravo & Blaze about all things Bravo. He dropped a shocking reason why he’s no longer on the show. According to Peter, he was asked to return. But he chose not to for one simple reason: they refused to pay him.

“I got the phone call. They basically said, we want you back, but we’re not gonna be able to pay you,” he explained. Peter was told they didn’t have money in the budget. He said that he was paid for all the prior seasons, including Season 1.

Rachel Leviss Apologizes

Peter Madrigal had a starring role in the affair between co-stars Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss. He went on a few dates with Rachel. Peter later found out, along with viewers, that Rachel was secretly sleeping with Tom. The assumption is that he was a decoy to help them hide their affair.

Rachel made headlines by referring to Peter as a “starter pony” during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. She chose not to return for Season 11 to protect her mental health. Have the two spoken since #scandoval broke?

Peter shared on the podcast that Rachel Leviss reached out to him in January to apologize. What did she have to say? “I wanted to apologize for calling you a Starter Pony… It wasn’t cool of me to say that. I never meant to hurt your feelings,” he read from the text message.

The SUR manager accepted her apology, and the two are on good terms. Have you noticed Peter Madrigal’s absence from Season 11? Can you believe Bravo allegedly didn’t want to pay the OG to appear on the show? Sound off in the comments.

Watch the full podcast episode for his thoughts on Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s spin-off The Valley, and more:

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