Source Reveals Rachel Leviss Not Returning To ‘Pump Rules’

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A source is revealing that Rachel Leviss is not returning to Vanderpump Rules. This comes as a shock to fans who were expecting to see her back again. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

Rachel Leviss Supposed To Film

Raquel Leviss is now going by her birth name Rachel and she was supposed to film this season of Vanderpump Rules. It was reported that her parents didn’t want her to come back again, but it sounds like she was going to be forced to do it. It was reported that she actually had a contract that was binding her to come back for the next season. If she was able to get out of this, nobody knows how.

There is a chance that with her mental health issues, she was able to get out of the contract. Rachel Leviss just spent two months in a mental health facility. She is out now and has been spotted in Arizona with her family.

Source Reveals Rachel Isn’t Returning

A new Reddit post shared that Rachel Leviss is not returning to Vanderpump Rules. Season 11 is already filming and she wasn’t spotted in Lake Tahoe with the rest of the cast filming. Instead, she was in Arizona at the time.

The post on Reddit says, “On Up and Adam’s podcast which is airing literally now, he says he knows from a close VPR source that Rachel will NOT be returning to film season 11. Personally I think it is a great decision for her to not return. Better for her mental health which is obviously in tatters if she’s dropping off her dog at a shelter.”

It sounds like she may not be filming at all. If she doesn’t return, she had to find a way to get out of her contract. Her dog Graham did recently end up at a shelter and James Kennedy was able to get him back. James now has their dog Graham and is now putting him through classes to help with his behavior. James is happy to have him back again.


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Are you happy to hear that Rachel Leviss is not returning to Vanderpump Rules? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss Vanderpump Rules when it returns to Bravo. They are filming now but an exact release date hasn’t been revealed just yet.

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