Raquel Leviss Changes Name After Leaving Mental Health Facility

Raquel Leviss' Natural Selfie [Source: Raquel Leviss - Instagram]

Raquel Leviss recently left a mental facility that she has called home for two months. The Vanderpump Rules star has decided the name she gave herself is no longer good enough. Viewers are shocked considering she had given herself the name “Raquel”. What made her want to change her name again? What did she change it to this time?

Scandoval Changes Everything

In the last season of Vanderpump Rules, a huge scandal happened between a couple of the cast members. Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix were in a serious relationship for over nine years, that was until he cheated on her. Viewers found out that Tom Sandoval cheated on Ariana with costar Raquel Leviss. The affair had gone on for months before anyone found out, the two even claimed that they were in love. Fans and other costars immediately rallied around Madix and have given her a tremendous amount of support. Ariana is even getting ready to open up a sandwich shop with her close friend Katie Maloney called “Something About Her”. Ariana has not let this bring her down at all, she has collaborated with so many companies since the affair and even announced she will be on the newest season of Dancing With The Stars.

Raquel Leviss Is No Longer Raquel

After leaving a mental hospital, Raquel Leviss decided she was ready to change her name, again. A source told ET that Raquel would now be going by her legal name, Rachel.

“After months of therapy, Rachel decided she wanted to go by her government name moving forward.”

Fans are really curious as to why Rachel changed her name in the first place if she was not going to stick with it. As of right now, Rachel has not signed any contracts to come back to Vanderpump Rules. Rachel is not a fan-favorite on the show since she tore apart a couple almost ten years. Going back to the show may not be the best thing for her right now considering she did just get out of a mental hospital. The hospital Rachel called home for two months is located in Arizona and since her release, she has been spending time with her close friends and family who are trying to give her the support she needs.

“She spent a lot of time working on her mental health at the facility and knows going back to the show and filming will be very stressful.”


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Fans are flabbergasted at the fact that Raquel changed her name back to her legal name, why change it in the first place? Viewers are hopeful that Rachel Leviss got the help she needed from the mental facility in Arizona. Do you think Rachel will return to Bravo? What are your thoughts on her changing her name back to her legal name? Sound off in the comments below.

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