Paige DeSorbo Laughs Off Craig Invite Diss

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Paige DeSorbo laughed off forgetting to send a major invite to her longtime boyfriend, Craig Conover. The couple are both Bravolebs, appearing on different shows, her on Summer House and him on Southern Charm. Yet, fans question how long they will last. Now, a major snafu has them questioning what she is thinking. Read on for more details.

Paige DeSorbo Laughs Off Craig Invite Diss

For over two years, Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo have been a very pretty couple. They met prior to starring on Winter House together but then things escalated. She started to appear on Southern Charm with him as he was continuing to build up his Sewing Down South pillow company. Plus, he was working immensely hard to create a sweet home for them so they could grow as a family. As seen on her show, Summer House, she is a New Yorker through and through. It never really seemed like she would change.

Paige DeSorbo, Craig Conover-Instagram
Paige DeSorbo, Craig Conover-Instagram

Fans have long questioned if these two can survive if neither will relocate. Craig cannot move to New York as his business is booming in Charleston and Paige just got a new apartment. Now, a Reddit thread was started after Paige was caught forgetting her own boyfriend.

Paige laughing about not inviting/not even thinking to invite Craig to the Summer House premiere party.. does she EVER speak kindly about him?
byu/Bamdajero2 inSoutherncharm

She said that Craig would be in North Carolina and then added that she actually forgot to invite him as she laughed. Though she hates seeing herself on the screen, this is a big moment so how could she forget the premiere party? What did fellow Redditors think of this?

  • Honestly I feel like this is why they work, she likes a person she can jab and he likes to be verbally b**ch slapped 😂
  • Her and Amanda acting like their hate their partners is exhausting
  • She thinks its funny and cute to talk about him this way.
  • Its part of the “ I’m not like the other girls” shtick
  • I think Craig deserves better

It’s Getting Old

While some felt that Paige DeSorbo was just being cheeky and cute, others felt that she was bordering on obnoxious. They believed her brand of humor was not cute anymore and that acting negatively was getting old. Finally, some could see that Craig Conover just wanted to settle down and start a family. Therefore, they believed she was wasting his time. However, to that point, it was noted he is old enough to say what he wants and leave a situation that does not serve him. So, like some Redditors said, this could be why they work. She is the kind who does not care and he is just along for the ride.

Do you think she is acting too calm when pointing out she forgot to invite Craig to the premiere? Or, is this just who Paige is? Let us know and watch Summer House Thursdays on Bravo.

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