‘Winter House’ Halted For Now, Details

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Winter House has been halted after three seasons on Bravo but what happened to the spinoff? Summer House star, Paige DeSorbo broke the news via social media. Yet, nothing had been confirmed by the network at the time. Now, more details are pouring in so what is going on? Read on for more information on the whole situation.

Winter House Halted For Now, Details

The fate of Winter House was up in the air as it usually starts to film within the next month or so. It was speculated that the show would not be coming back after three seasons. Then, Paige DeSorbo, who was on the first two seasons, shared that the show had been canceled. She did a post in her Instagram stories about it and that had fans talking. Some were really upset as they liked seeing cast members from various Bravo shows in one house. Others felt that, after Season 3, it had just lost its luster and they were ready for it to take a break.

Paige DeSorbo-YouTube
Paige DeSorbo-YouTube

Now, according to People, more details are pouring in as to what is going on with the Bravo spinoff. An insider shared that the show is currently “on pause” rather than being canceled. They added: “It’s definitely not canceled” which should be a relief to the cast and fans. The show started as a Summer House spinoff and combined the cast from that series as well as Southern Charm. This was where Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo really heated up.

Paige DeSorbo-Instagram
Paige DeSorbo-Instagram

As for speculation that the series was done for good, that was debunked by the chairman of NBCUniversal Entertainment, Frances Berwick. They reminded fans that shows can have a second life when it was questioned if Family Karma would be coming back.

“In my heart of hearts, I believe we will bring that back at some point. You have to have patience. That show was so multi-generational — those people just were completely authentic. They grew up together. That’s the reason we wanted some of the cast here [at BravoCon 2023]: We wanted that to feel that connection and keep the relationships.”

So, if Family Karma has hope, then the same should apply to Winter House if the demand is still there.

Come Back!

One Bravo series that was ultimately resurrected was RHOM. It had its time on Bravo and then was canceled only to shine again on Peacock. The series did so well there that it was brought over to Bravo where fans adore it weekly. So, this could very well be Winter House’s fate. After all, RHUGT first airs on Peacock before heading to Bravo.

Would you like Winter House back for another season or are you good with what you have seen? Let us know in the comments below.

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