Will Craig Conover Ever Live With Girlfriend Paige DeSorbo?

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Fans and costars are starting to question if Craig Conover and Paige Desorbo will ever end up living together. The two have been together for about two years and people are shocked they have not moved in together yet. It seems as though Craig wants Paige to move to Charleston, but Paige is unsure of the move. How will their relationship last if neither of them decides to move?

Craig Conover And Bad Love Past

Craig Conover is known for his time on Southern Charm. In the series, viewers saw his toxic relationship with Naomie. The two were together for three years after it ended because the two of them did not match. Fans saw them butt heads and argue over anything and everything. Even after they broke up, the two argued every time they were in the same room. However, Craig found himself a new love, and the two seem to be going strong. Paige DeSorbo have been together for a while and Craig seems happy with her. Paige is known for her time on Summer House. However, the only holdback the couple seems to have is they do not live together. It also seems as though they do not agree on who should move to be with whom. Costars and close friends give their insight into the situation.


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Will Paige Ever Move To Charleston?

Paige DeSorbo does not want to move to Charleston to live with Craig. She has always been career-focused and that is the main reason she will not go on trips with the cast of Southern Charm. However, could Paige be planning her move? It does not seem as though she will. However, they seem to be in love and in the best place they ever have been.

“When she starts looking for a new apartment in New York City, Craig questions her choices and she is left wondering if her unwillingness to commit is going to push their relationship over the edge,”

This makes sense as if she is not willing to move, Craig will have to do it, or they will not work out. Paige seems to be nervous that if she moves in with Craig it will:

“change her identity.”


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It seems as though it is still not in Paige’s plans to move to live with Craig. However, people are concerned about how much longer the relationship will last if either of them stands their ground on where they are living. The two seem to be doing good at the moment but the future is always uncertain. What do you think? Who should move? Sound off in the comments below.

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