Rachel Leviss Dating Man Who Is Extremely Religious After Affair

Rachel Leviss

Rachel Leviss seems to be dating a man who is extremely religious following her being Tom Sandoval’s mistress. This is ironic to fans as people think he would be very against what she did. However, he seems to be a single dad who follows his religion tremendously. Rachel has been hated ever since the news became public that she was having an affair with Tom Sandoval. Keep reading to find out more.

Rachel Leviss And Her New Man

Rachel Leviss seems to be in a new relationship with a man named Matthew Dunn. He is a single father and a business owner. His Instagram profile picture was a photo of him and Rachel. However, once people found the profile, he changed it back to a selfie. He looks nothing like either of her exes, James Kennedy and Tom Sandoval. Matthew made a post captioned:

 “We rode over the mountains and through the woods but grandma’s house could not be found. However, we did rally the side by sides and swam at a waterfall!”

Rachel replied:

What an incredible experience 🌵✨🫶🏼” 

Rachel Leviss-Instagram
Rachel Leviss-Instagram

He Seems To Be Extremely Religious

Matthew seems to be very religious. He is constantly sharing scriptures and Christian values. Fans gave their opinions on the matter.

  • I thought she was doing a year of her and not dating? So much for that 😂”
  • “He has a video with another girl a month ago 🫢😂😂😂”
  • “This looks like a girl taking prom pictures with her dad”
  • “I knew Rachel came from a hardcore conservative MAGA fam. Her dad oozes it😂”
  • “*patiently waiting for the baby mom to emerge*”

Yikes. Fans do not seem to approve of this relationship. Rachel once said she was taking time to focus on herself and clear her mind. That did not seem to last long for her. She is not being public with her relationship, and he isn’t either anymore. Once people found out they were dating, he immediately went private. Well, we will see how long this one lasts.

Matthew Dunn
Matthew Dunn

It appears to fans that he is extremely religious. However, this is shocking considering her past. He is a single dad and fans do not understand how this is someone he can trust and be around his child. Regardless, Rachel seems to be happy, and fans just want to know more. Maybe he will make his profiles public again soon. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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