Craig Conover From ‘Southern Charm’ Weighs In On Kathryn Dennis And Her Boyfriend Hunter Price

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After the recent episode of Southern Charm showed the cast visiting a dispensary, it was clear Kathryn felt very uncomfortable. Despite an ongoing battle with her ex-husband stating she is on drugs, Kathryn did not feel like being around marijuana. She said, “I lost my kids for a while,” and stayed on the bus while the others went inside.

Craig Conover Talks About Going To The Dispensary And Hunter Price

Craig talked about not knowing Kathryn was uncomfortable about the dispensary until later. Austen Kroll who was also in the interview said, “weed is not addictive. You’re sober, does that mean, you can’t be around alcohol?” He didn’t think it was fair for her to be that way with them because she knew where they were going. Austen stated she knew the premise of the trip.

He also said, “she didn’t say anything to him about it. She just stayed quiet.” Craig Conover said, “they could have made alternative plans, if she’d just said something.” It looks like she took one for the team.

When it came to talking about Kathryn’s main squeeze Hunter Price, Craig had nothing but good things to say. He said he loved Hunter and he was a great dude. He stated, “he’s sober, so it’s a good influence.”Kathryn started seeing Hunter on New Year’s Eve and as Conover said, “she’s really happy around him.” That is great news.

Who Is Kathryn’s Boyfriend Hunter Price?

An article on People revealed a bit more about Hunter Price. Price is a country singer. He was on season thirteen of America’s Got Talent. The singer was cut from the show but remains grateful for the experience. Price is from Georgia and moved to Nashville like most country hopefuls to pursue his dreams. Surely, the attention he got from AGT will only be enhanced by his relationship with Dennis.

On Cheatsheet an article said Kathryn revealed how she met Hunter. She met him in Nashville at dinner with mutual friends. She also stated Patricia Altschul immediately approved of him and that speaks very highly.

It’s nice for her co-stars like Craig Conover to support her relationship. Hunter Price hasn’t been on the show but Kathryn did confirm their relationship on Instagram in January. Craig Conover said in a recent aftershow, Kathryn is like his sister. His approval probably means a lot to her.

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