Is Hallmark’s Erin Krakow Leaving ‘When Calls The Heart’?

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Hearties are counting down the days until When Calls The Heart premieres on Sunday, April 7. However, there is a new report that may concern Hearties that Erin Krakow is leaving the Hallmark series. Here is information on the surprising source and quote that has led to mass concern.

Is Erin Krakow Leaving When Calls The Heart?

Erin Krakow has portrayed school teacher and author Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton on When Calls The Heart since the beginning. However, WCTH co-creator and producer Brian Bird is already imagining Hope Valley without the lead character.

Speaking to, Brian was given a scenario on whether When Calls The Heart could continue without Erin Krakow’s character. Surprisingly, his response was “I do.” Then he continued.

Not that I would ever want to have to do that, or that any of us would ever want to have to do that. We do think [Erin] is the absolute source of everything on When Calls The Heart and we love her. We hope we don’t wear her out and tire her of this whole thing. She could be there forever as far as I’m concerned.

Therefore, he was responding to a new scenario that had not happened. But, why does he think that the series could continue without Erin’s portrayal of Elizabeth? His belief is it is about Hope Valley. Specifically, “the biggest star of the show is the community.” He believes that “People have fallen in love with the community.”


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Daniel Lissing Left When Calls The Heart

At the end of Season 5, Daniel Lissing left When Calls The Heart. Although Brian Bird admits “It was hard,” their belief was “We want you to thrive.” His stance was and remains that “We would never hold anybody back if they felt like there were other things they wanted to do and needed to do.” But, he did say that they would welcome them back to Hope Valley. 


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Erin Krakow Has Filmed Two Hallmark Movies This Year

Although February is nearly over, Erin Krakow has already filmed two Hallmark movies this year. That includes Blind Date Book Club with Robert Buckley. This will premiere on Saturday, April 6, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on the Hallmark Channel. This is on the eve of the When Calls The Heart Season 11 premiere.

Next, Erin Krakow is reuniting with her late WCTH husband and co-star Daniel Lissing in Tell Me Santa. This will be a Countdown To Christmas 2024 movie. Moreover, this is the first Hallmark project for Lissing since his Hope Valley departure. In addition, this is the first reunion of Dan and Erin since WCTH Season 5.

However, despite the headline-grabbing question, it does not look like Erin is going anywhere right now. She just did two movies with Hallmark. That doesn’t sound like she is ready to move on.

But, Erin and the rest of the WCTH gang will be promoting Season 11 soon. Maybe someone will ask her if she is ready to move on. Until then, it does not appear she is going anywhere anytime soon.

Hearties, what do you think of the headline-grabbing question about Erin Krakow leaving When Calls The Heart?

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