What Religion Is ‘Bachelor’s Kelsey Toussant?

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Fans are wondering what religion Bachelor contestant Kelsey Toussant is after her date with Joey Graziadei. During her date with Joey, she opened up about the falling out she had with her father due to religion. She and her father ultimately did not align on how they wanted to live so she was forced out of the home. Keep reading to find out more about what religion her family is and how it affected her.

Kelsey Toussant Has A Strained Relationship With Her Dad

When Kelsey Toussant was on her date with Joey Graziadei she opened up about her life and issues she has. She shared that she and her father disagreed over religion and it caused a big strain on their relationship.

She said, “He wanted me to focus on that and he wanted me to be in that, but in my heart, I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to be. And because I chose to go to college, he didn’t support that decision at all. Anyone who was to be in his household has to be into religion and so I wasn’t allowed to be there anymore. And that hurt.”

Kelsey went on to say that her issues with her dad have messed her up and caused her to have trust issues in relationships.

What religion is she?

So, what was the religion they were disagreeing about? In August 2019 Kelsey did an interview with Voyage LA magazine where she opened up about the religion she grew up with. Kelsey’s family are Jehovah’s Witness members. Her family was very strict with their religious beliefs.

Kelsey said, “When high school came around, I joined a theater class and that’s when I realized I wanted to pursue creativity for the rest of my life. At the same time, I was a full-blown Jehovah’s Witness and I knew the two couldn’t coexist. So, I decided to leave the religion and set my focus on attending California State University, Northridge.”

She went on to say, “I was so separated from society and didn’t even realize it and I’ve had to play catch-up ever since. From rebuilding relationships with family and friends to watching movies I wasn’t able to experience. Even to this day, friends of mine will ask if I’ve seen certain movies and they can’t believe that as an actress I haven’t seen some of the most iconic films!”

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Kelsey and Joey got along great and he respects the life she has built. She did get a rose and is one of the final six ladies on his season. As for Kelsey and her dad, they are slowly rebuilding their relationship.

What do you think about Kelsey’s falling out with her father?

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