Joey Graziadei Admits To Being ‘Crushed’ By Abrupt Exit

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Joey Graziadei had a stressful in week six of The Bachelor. He had four women leave, two before the rose ceremony happened. This was shocking for viewers to see. This leaves Joey with only six women, and he will have to decide which four to take to the hometowns. One of the four girls that left decided to leave on her own. This crushed Joey as he did not see it coming whatsoever.

Joey Graziadei And His Journey

Joey Graziadei has had some ups and downs during his journey. He started out feeling optimistic that his wife was there. However, this week took a turn. Joey was stressed out and was feeling the pressure of having to choose a wife. This week they were in Montreal Canada. It started with a group date that left the majority of the women feeling awkward and uncomfortable. It was hard for a lot of them to see other women having good connections with Joey. The end of the group date led to Jess telling Joey she wanted a future with him. However, Joey did not feel the same and had to be honest with her. He ended up sending Jess home after the conversation. Later, he had a one-on-one with Kelsey T and Maria. He gave both of them a rose and kept them another week.


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She Left Joey Crushed

Lexi Young asked Joey Graziadei about his timeline with marriage and kids. He wants to take it slow and not rush into anything. However, Lexi has problems with infertility. This means she does not have all the time that Joey does. This left her indecisive about their relationship and the future it had. She ultimately decided to leave and not continue getting to know Joey.

“I know that you want more of a long engagement and you want after to take some time before kids — sorry I don’t mean to get emotional,” she began, “but that’s just not something I have the privilege to do right now with my health situation.”

She then mentioned she did not want to stick around because it was not fair to the other women. Joey told the cameras how he felt.

“I hate this, this isn’t what I had in my head. I feel crushed.”


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While Lexi felt as though she could not be on Joey’s timeline of life, she did not want to try to change him either. She was upset that she had to do it but she felt as though there was no other option. Maria and Daisy were visibly upset at her exit and did not want her to leave. However, at the end of the sixth week only Maria, Daisy, Jenn, Kelsey T, Kelsey A, and Rachel remain.

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