Nick Viall Wants Joey Graziadei To Break More Hearts On ‘Bachelor’

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Nick Viall has a bone to pick with Joey Graziadei. The pro tennis instructor isn’t breaking enough hearts on Bachelor Season 28. Keep reading for all the details on what he means by that.

Nick Viall, Matchmaker

As the participant of four different shows in the Bachelor franchise, Nick Viall knows a thing or two about knowing what you want and finding your match. He didn’t find his until after he stopped looking for love in the franchise.

He got engaged to model Natalie Joy last year after several years of dating. Instead of welcoming guests to their wedding, they welcomed a daughter into the world last week.

According to former Bachelor host Chris Harrison, Nick Viall was angling for his job after he left the franchise. However, the cushy gig ultimately went to Jesse Palmer, who was the lead on The Bachelor in 2004.

Nick Viall announced this week that he is returning to a different show. He joins famous matchmaker Patti Stanger on her upcoming CW show about helping singles find love.

Nick Viall Wants Joey Graziadei To Break More Hearts On Bachelor

Nick Viall probably knows more about being The Bachelor than most. Before he took on the lead role for Season 21, he appeared on two seasons of The Bachelorette and one season of Bachelor In Paradise.

Like many alums, the podcast host takes great interest in new seasons of the show. Like viewers at home, Nick Viall thinks he knows what Joey Graziadei should do. Unlike viewers, people listen to what Nick Viall says.

During a recent episode of his Viall Files podcast, Nick shared his critique of Season 28 so far. In Nick Viall’s opinion, Joey is taking the easy way out.

The phrase “Can I walk you out?” is iconic in the franchise. It’s what leads say to a contestant before they send them home. However, Joey Graziadei has yet to utter those words to any of his contestants.

Nick Viall called him out for being a “people pleaser” and letting the rose ceremonies do his dirty work for him.

“No one’s been sent home outside of a rose ceremony. There’s been no traumatic exit,” Nick Viall said about the eliminations so far this season (via Us Weekly.) That’s not entirely true, as Sydney Gordon was sent home during a two-on-one date that would eliminate either her or Maria Georgas.

In Nick Viall’s opinion, refusing to send anyone home outside the rose ceremonies weakens Joey’s connection with the other women. Nick explained, “There’s just no way he’s having all these one on ones and realizing with all these women that there’s a strong connection, and to me, when a Bachelor or Bachelorette doesn’t send anyone home outside of the format of a show, you know, it makes their actual connection seem a little less authentic.”

Do you agree with Nick Viall that Joey Graziadei needs to break more hearts to find the one to marry? Sound off in the comments.

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