Does Giannina Gibelli Regret Having A Child Out Of Wedlock?

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Reality stars Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann will welcome a child together soon. Does the Love Is Blind alum regret having a child before marriage?  Keep reading to find out her thoughts on the subject.

Love Is Blind Star Shares Excitement Over Having A Boy

Reality star vets Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann met in late 2021 while filming the Paramount+ reality show All Star Shore. However, the two had to keep their romance on the down-low for a few months until the show was officially announced.

After over a year of dating, the couple shared the surprising news that they were expecting a child together. They recently revealed that the baby is a boy, and its due date is estimated to be around the beginning of April.

Giannina has shared many aspects of her pregnancy journey on social media. She took questions from her followers during a recent Q&A. One fan asked what the reality star is “most excited” about having a boy.

The Love Is Blind star replied that she is “ECSTATIC” to enter her boy mom era. She also shared that she can’t wait to see Blake Horstmann’s mini-me and watch father and son bond.

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Giannina had difficulty explaining exactly what she was looking forward to the most, but cuddling her son was on her list.

Does Giannina Gibelli Regret Having A Child Out Of Wedlock?

Blake Hostmann gained reality TV fame with several appearances on Bachelor Nation shows. He finally found love outside the franchise with Giannina Gibelli. However, the couple isn’t married or even engaged yet.

For some people, having a child out of wedlock is still taboo. Is it for Giannina? Not at all! She said that she is “relaxed” about the situation. Furthermore, she finds it kind of “sexy” to have a child before marriage.

She can’t wait to get married to Blake so their son can be part of the wedding festivities.

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Sweet Moment With Baby Daddy Blake Horstmann

Rumors circulated online early in the pregnancy that former playboy Blake Horstmann had cheated on his pregnant girlfriend. However, he denied the claims, and the couple seem stronger than ever.

In fact, Giannina Gibelli shared a sweet but simple thing her boyfriend does for her. She shared a video on her Instagram Story of him helping her put her shoes on. As any pregnant woman knows, the easy task can be impossible when you have a baby bump.

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What do you think of Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann having a child out of wedlock? Sound off in the comments.

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