Blake Horstmann Reveals Feud With Nick Viall Likely To Never End

Blake Horstmann and Nick Viall via YouTube

The feud between former Bachelor Nick Viall and Blake Horstmann has been going on since 2019. At the VMA Awards this weekend, Blake was asked about his feud with Nick. Keep reading to find out exactly what he had to say.

Blake Horstmann and his feud with Nick Viall

It seems Blake Horstmann has no desire to fix the feud that plagues him and Nick Viall. Both are still holding grudges and neither seems ready to let it go.

US Weekly shared some of the backstory to their feud. Nick became angry with Blake when he released texts from Caelynn Miller-Keyes back in 2019. She called Blake a womanizer because it was discovered he had been intimate with her and Kristina Schulman on back-to-back nights at Stagecoach.

Caelynn began receiving tons of hate over the texts so hours later Blake did delete them. Apparently, Nick didn’t believe Blake felt bad for releasing these texts even though he knew the backlash that would come from it.

Nick Viall/Blake Horstmann/Instagram
Nick Viall/Blake Horstmann/Instagram

Nick had said, “I know that he threatened people about releasing these text messages for months in anticipations coming up, which makes it all that more premeditated. Then he ended up deleting it when it got really nasty, but it’s not like he didn’t realize.”

The former Bachelor didn’t stop there. He continued, “It was more important for him to try to change people’s opinions back to like, ‘Oh, Blake is just a sweet boy who this was just one weekend where he got a little drunk and had a little bit of sex.’ No, he’s been, like, f–king like crazy for an entire year.” Ouch.

Of course, Blake heard the things that Nick was saying about him. So when asked previously if he would ever agree to be on Nick’s podcast Blake said, “I’d rather s–t in my hand and clap.”

Blake Horstmann/Nick Viall/Instagram
Blake Horstmann/Nick Viall/Instagram

Is there any chance for them to forgive and forget?

That answer in short would be no. At VMA’s Blake said that he was done trying to work things out with Nick. When asked about it Blake said, “No, honestly, at this point, I’m past trying to work it out. I’ve tried multiple times, but it’s impossible with him.”

Blake claims to not even really understand why Nick doesn’t like him. He said, “The dude just does not like me … for whatever reason. It’s been years. I’ve just given up at this point. So yeah,​​ it is what it is.”

Of course, Nick has managed to make enemies with other Bachelor Nation alums as well. The most recent is Katie Thurston who revealed she has Nick blocked in her phone. It came out that Nick allowed Natalie Joy to read a text Katie had privately texted him about Greg Grippo. Kate isn’t over it yet and doesn’t seem like she will be over it anytime soon.

What do you think about Nick and Blake’s feud?


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