Katie Thurston Spills The Tea On Real Reason Nick Viall Is Blocked

Former Bachelorette Katie Thurston has said recently that she blocked Nick Viall on her phone. However, the reasons weren’t really all that clear. In July, when the news first came out, she was fairly vague about what went down. Now, she’s spilling the tea a little more about why she thinks it’s necessary for her to keep Nick blocked. Keep reading to find out more.

The reason behind Katie Thurston blocking Nick Viall

When the drama first erupted in July, Katie Thurston had made a TikTok saying Nick was blocked. She didn’t go into a lot of detail but shared that he had made some shady comments about her on his podcast.

Ultimately she didn’t say too much about their issues. However, in the end, she said, “Whatever. You do you, Nick. I’ll see you at the top.”

After that, Nick and Natalie both commented on the situation on his podcast. In fact, Natalie referring to Katie as “Little Miss Katie Thurston” didn’t help things.

Now, Katie is opening up more about that to Kaitlyn Bristowe on the Off the Vine Podcast. Us Weekly shared what Katie said, “Little Miss Natalie is all up in arms over her man.”

Katie Thurston and Nick Viall via Instagram
Katie Thurston and Nick Viall

She continued, “She decides — and Nick doesn’t stop her — to read a text that I had sent Nick, which was about my feelings [for] Greg [Grippo] back during, like, when my season was airing. And he reads it or allows her to read it on a podcast — a private text sent to Nick as if someway to like, I don’t know, destroy me? Who knows? Because I stand by everything I said, like [she] read it and I was like, ‘I’ve been saying that. So like, I don’t know what kind of, like, aha moment that you thought that was or whatever.’ But anyway, the reason, ironically, that he is blocked is for sharing my f—king texts to somebody else.”

Katie doesn’t know if Nick really knows the real reason he’s blocked. However, she broke it down very simply by saying, “The reason he is blocked is for invading my privacy and sharing my texts a year ago. And then here he is doing it on a huge platform.”

The Bachelorette shared her thoughts on Greg Grippo now

Aside from admitting she blocked Nick because he allowed Natalie to read a text about Greg, she also shared where she and Greg stand now.

Katie shared that she wonders sometimes if they could have done things somewhat differently. She said she wasn’t allowed to talk to Greg while the season was airing. So, had she been able to talk to him prior to the After the Final Rose special she thinks it could have gone down differently.

Kaitlyn told Katie that Greg did reach out to her and ask while the season was still airing if Katie had gotten engaged. After Kaitlyn revealed this, Katie said, “I really believe that [if] we had a private talk, slid into the DMs, which I will say — I kind of wonder if he did. I never asked. Obviously, him and I don’t talk. But you know how when you click on someone, and there’s a message and it says, like, ‘Accept the message.’ So I happened to click messages and it said, ‘Accept message?’ but there was no message. [I think] he unsent it.”

Greg Grippo/Katie Thurston/YouTube
Greg Grippo/Katie Thurston/YouTube

Katie revealed that she has no intentions of dating anyone else in Bachelor Nation so even if she and Greg did talk now, it seems it would hit another dead end.

Did you want to see Greg and Katie get together? What do you think about Katie blocking Nick?



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