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Nick Viall Calls Blake Horstmann Out For Past ‘BIP’ Behavior, Gets Shut Down

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Nick Viall and Blake Horstmann’s feud isn’t dying down any time soon. The bad blood between the two only seems to be escalating as the new season of Bachelor In Paradise airs. A tweet Nick sent out during a recent episode had Blake fuming. What did Nick’s shady tweet say? 

Blake Horstmann is One of BIP’s Most Notorious Alum 

Bachelor in Paradise is where former contestants go for another shot at love. However, not everyone is looking for romance. Some contestants are just looking to hook up. Blake Horstmann seemed to be just looking for a fling during Season 6. 

He hooked up with both Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman at the Stagecoach music festival before heading to Mexico to film BIP. Surprise, surprise, both Caelynn and Kristina were also on that season. 

When the gossip hit the news, Blake downplayed the situation, saying it wasn’t that serious. However, Nick Viall apparently still resents Blake Hostmann for his actions. 

Behind Nick Viall and Blake Horstmann’s Feud

Since Season 6, Nick has spoken out about Blake’s behavior on Bachelor In Paradise. Us Weekly reported earlier this year that Nick Viall called Horstmann a “f**kboy.” Furthermore, Viall took issue with Blake releasing the text message thread with Caelynn. 

The outlet also reports Blake’s side of things. According to Blake, Nick hates him for no reason. In fact, he alleges that Nick “talks s**t” about everyone from the franchise. The topic came up when a fan asked Blake if he would ever appear on Nick’s podcast. 

That seems to be a resounding no, if you ask us! 

Nick Viall/Blake Horstmann/Instagram
Nick Viall/Blake Horstmann/Instagram

Nick Calls Blake Out, Gets Shut Down 

With Bachelor In Paradise back on the air, Blake Horstmann’s behavior is a hot topic once again. Many fans are comparing Brendan Morais to Blake. It’s believed that Brendan was in a relationship with Pieper James before appearing on BIP. While he is on the beach already, she has yet to arrive. 

So, Brendan seems to be killing time, stringing the other women along until Pieper arrives. The two are rumored to still be together after filming ended in June. 

Needless to say, viewers are not happy about Brendan’s behavior. One Twitter user posted side-by-side photos of Brendan and Blake, warning seemingly “nice guys” about abstaining from  bad behavior. 

The tweet caught the eye of Nick Viall, who retweeted it with a simple “PSA.” 

Blake Hostmann wasn’t happy with Nick’s retweet. He left a comment about how Nick is “always” talking badly about him. “For no reason,” in Blake’s opinion. Several Bachelor Nation fans responded to Blake shutting Nick down, taking Blake’s side in the feud. 

One Twitter user encouraged Nick to delete the tweet, but it’s still up. However, Nick may have seen the error of his ways. He posted a photo on Instagram Stories that said he is “currently not speaking.”

Credit: Nick Viall/Instagram
Credit: Nick Viall/Instagram

Does it surprise you that Nick Viall is still feuding with Blake Horstmann? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Don’t forget there is a double dose of Paradise for the rest of August. Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays AND Tuesdays for the next two weeks. 

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