All The Times Nick Viall & Blake Horstmann Had Issues With Each Other

Nick Viall, Blake Horstmann, YouTube

Some feuds burn so brightly that they just don’t go out. Such is the case for Nick Viall and Blake Horstman of Bachelor in Paradise fame. The two have taken shots at each other publicly for a while. The beginning of the feud started with Stagecoach.

Blake had been to the country music festival and mingled with the Bachelor Nation crowd. This led to him hooking up with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman. Both women were on the show shortly after and Blake seemingly ignored Caelynn.

Blake Horstmann, YouTube
Blake Horstmann, YouTube

As time went on and she saw him flirting with Hannah Godwin, she confronted him for making her his dirty little secret. When the show aired and Blake was getting hate, he decided to release the text messages they exchanged to clear his name. The texts between them showed they really agreed not to make a big deal about it when they got to the beach. Nick Viall didn’t think Blake cared that releasing those messages caused Caelynn to get a lot of hate. That is where the feud started.

What Did Nick Viall Say About Blake Releasing The Messages

When Blake released the messages, Nick had some things to say about it. According to US Weekly, he addressed it on his podcast The Viall files. He said, “I know that he threatened people about releasing these text messages for months in anticipations coming up, which makes it all that more premeditated.”

Nick Viall, YouTube
Nick Viall, YouTube

Then he said he didn’t know it would get as nasty as it did, and Nick said he felt Blake knew exactly what he was doing. After being asked if he’d ever go on the podcast, Blake said he would never. The feud remains ongoing with the two still trading jabs. Both are in serious relationships now. Blake with Giannina Gibelli from Love is Blind and Nick with Natalie Joy.

Some More Digs Were Passed Between Them

Nick Viall said that Blake tried to look better than he was. He said he wanted people to think he was just a sweet boy who had, “one weekend where he got a little drunk and had a little bit of s*x.”

Nick said no, that’s who he is and he had been for a year. Nick tweeted in 2021 that if you were going to Paradise, you shouldn’t hang out with anyone beforehand. Blake responded, “I can always count on you to never miss a chance to talk s—t about me for no reason.”

In July of 2022, Nick read text messages from Katie Thurston. He shared to show despite Katie telling others she blocked Nick’s number, their last exchange was friendly. Blake called him a hypocrite for sharing their texts.

He said, “This has to be a joke right?! This man has talked s—t about me for 4 years bc he can’t get over my text release from BIP.” He went on to say, that now Nick’s releasing texts for something “as stupid and benign as this.”

What do you think about Nick and Blake’s feud? Do you think it’s justified or should they just squash it? Comment with your thoughts below.

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