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Natasha Parker Slams Blake Horstmann Over ‘BIP’ Shade

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More Bachelor drama is brewing. This time it involves Blake Horstmann and Natasha Parker. Stagecoach seems always to bring drama. In fact, this isn’t the first time things at Stagecoach have caused drama for Blake. What did he say that got Natasha fired up and on the defense. Keep reading to find out more.

Blake Horstmann stirs the pot and gets Natasha Parker fired up

It all started when Blake Horstmann was asked if he gave any advice to Bachelor in Paradise hopefuls while at Stagecoach. He said, “The only advice I gave them was to be careful of the official Bachelor podcast hosts if they are down there. They are ABC employees and will always get a good edit.”

Blake continued saying, “So don’t go against them or date someone they have their eyes on. I think they should not allow these people on the beach after last season (and i love all those people that went down there) but it’s a huge slap in the face [for] the audience. Like, they think we are that dumb?”

Of course one of the situations he was referring to was the drama between Natasha Parker and Brendan Morais. Blake went further into his allegations to say that production gave her a rose to make sure Brendan would still be there when Pieper arrived. Hence, more drama.

Natasha Parker had something to say about everything Blake said.

Natasha fires back at Blake

She definitely admits she took it personally. Natasha fired back at Blake via Instagram. She said, “I do not agree with what Blake said because my situation, specifically — and yes, I am sensitive about it because it happened to me — so by saying that I’m going to get a good edit because I have a podcast, Click Bait, you could get a bad edit if you mess with me and to be careful of me … you’re basically villainizing me because I have a podcast instead of holding the toxic people accountable.”

She continued saying that this is where she has a problem. Natasha said if anyone is taking Blake’s side and rallying behind it then are excusing toxic behavior.

She went on to say that she, Joe and Becca were all not toxic on the beach. So she said, “But if you’re going to ‘warn’ someone about someone, why not warn them about the toxic behaviors that people can have? Oh, because you, yourself, had toxic behavior on the beach when you were there.” Ouch!

Natasha was not happy with Blake’s comments. Recall, Blake had his own drama in Paradise with the whole issue of who he hooked up with at Stagecoach. Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman were a part of that drama. Text messages got released, accusations were made and it got messy for Blake. In fact, he admits it caused him some mental anguish.

Does she want another chance on the beach?

Natasha also shared that fans will not be seeing her on the beach this summer. Plus, she pointed out that others who have podcasts are now in successful relationships from heading to Mexico.

Blake replied somewhat after Natasha’s rant on Instagram. He posted another story of himself in the hot tub sipping some tea. He was asked if he was going to respond to Natasha. Blake said, “nope.” The video can be seen below.

What do you think about the situation?


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