Chase Chrisley’s Girlfriend Jodi Shares Her True Feelings

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Emmy Medders ended up toast with Chase Chrisley and Chrisley Knows Best viewers roasted him for it. That happened in August last year. Before the year was out, he and Jodi Laine Fournerat went Instagram official, and on Valentine’s Day, she claimed that he’s “the best.” More followed. Read on to find out her thoughts about her special guy.

Chase Chrisley & Jodi Laine Fournerat Get A Lot Of Trolls

Emmy Medders fans will not let the couple forget that they preferred his ex to Jodi. That’s despite never meeting either of them in real life. In fact, on Valentine’s Day, his sweet photo of himself with his new girlfriend became putrid with trolls. Right from the beginning of Jodi and the reality TV star’s relationship, critics looked for flaws in the blonde surgical technologist

Some Chrisley Know Best fans accused Chase Chrisley’s new girl of using him for a reality TV show. Meanwhile, others accused the part-time fashionista of the same thing. In December, for a brief time, some followers thought the couple split. Actually, she can’t post a lot of photos of him on social media. That’s because she is a traveling surgical nurse. So, a large part of their relationship seems to be long-distance.

Jodi Laine Fournerat Says Her Man Is ‘The Best’

Reality Titbit reported that when Todd and Julie’s son posted about Valentine’s Day, he used an old photo from Christmas to let the world know how much he loves Jodi. His caption was short but very sweet.

Happy Valentine’s Day my love! Wouldn’t want to spend it any other way! Love you to the moon honey!

Chase Chrisley with Jodi Laine Fournerat - Instagram
Chase Chrisley with Jodi Laine Fournerat – Instagram

Jodi Laine Fournerat also posed up a photo of herself with the former Chrisley Knows Best star. In her caption, she said:

You’re the best thing that’s ever been mine ♥︎ Happy Valentine’s Day, babe!

Jodi Laine Fournerat's Valentine's Day Post For Chase - Instagram
Jodi Laine Fournerat’s Valentine’s Day Post For Chase – Instagram

Unfortunately for her, trolls arrived in great numbers to try and shame a young woman who serves the sick and needy in society. Disgusted loyal Chrisley Knows Best fans stepped up to defend both of them.

  • Jodi, I am absolutely disgusted by people who actually take the time to go to someone’s page or post and spew their venom. My assumption is that if Chase loves you then you are without a doubt a fabulous young lady. I hope to “meet” you on the new show very soon! Don’t give a single hater a minute of your time!
  • Sweetie don’t you let … ignorant people take up a second of your time! Chrisley Knows Best literally saved my life a few years ago! Long, but completely true. I’ll always have your back. Chase loves you, so you are part of the family to the Chrisley ❤️ Nation!

What are your thoughts about Jodi Laine Fournerat saying that Chase Chrisley is the “best thing that’s mine,” this Valentine’s Day? Are you happy for her? If you could say anything kind to her about the Chrisley Knows Best star, what would it be? Are you growing sick of toxic trolls? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your reality TV news.

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