Chase Chrisley Bonds With New GF Over Mutual Parental Crime?

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Chrisley Knows Best alums Chase Chrisley and his sister Savannah hope to get their parents out of federal prison. Now that Todd and Julie’s son went Instagram official with his new girlfriend, Jodi Laine Fournerat, did they bond because both sets of parents might have gotten into trouble with the law?

Chase Chrisley Surprised Chrisley Knows Best Fans

Chrisley Knows Best fans were surprised when Todd’s son shared a photo of himself with Jodi. At the time, they thought he might be punking them. After all, he recently claimed that he would not share his girlfriends on social media again. However, she later posted a photo of them together as well. Notably, they looked cozy and loving.

Some people thought that Chase Chrisley’s new girl might be after using him for a reality TV show. A casting call was shared that suggested Jodi might land a role on TV. Although Jodi’s a medical professional, her social media indicates that she’s something of a “fashionista” and possibly a model as well. Naturally, attention turns to her background. and it seems possible that the two might have bonded over parents who ran into trouble with the law.

Chase Chrisley - Instagram
Chase Chrisley – Instagram

Do Chase Chrisley’s Girlfriend’s Parents Have Criminal Records?

According to social media, Glynis Fournerat lives in Lafayette, Louisiana. Originally, she hailed from Basile. Jodi Laine Fournerat follows Glynis on Facebook, and she attended Aveda Institute in Lafayette. That came after studying nursing at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University in Baton Rouge. Glynis used to be married to Logan Fournerat. Allegedly, he was present when a crime was committed at The Roadhouse in Basile.

A Glynis Fournerat was sent to prison after a judge overturned a house arrest conviction from 2010 and sent her to prison in 2011. However, it’s possible she won another appeal because she became active on social media in 2012 and seemed to be back at home. So, it seems that Chase Chrisley’s girlfriend might have bonded over parental crime.

According to Eunice Today, Glynis was found guilty and sentenced to “five years on each count.” The case stated that she “attempted to hire an undercover deputy to kill her now ex-husband, [Logan,] and his girlfriend.” Meanwhile, Logan faced charges of allegedly “inciting a felony.” According to a civil suit, Logan, who might be Jodi’s dad, allegedly started a fight with a couple at a casino in a bar.

Jodi Laine and Glynis Fourtnerat - Facebook
Jodi Laine and Glynis Fourtnerat – Facebook

Did Logan Get Found Guilty?

It’s not clear if Logan got a fine or went to jail for his alleged crime. What is known is that he asked for a jury trial. However, the person he was with at the time, Devin Redlich who “slashed two men” during the altercation, was found guilty. He ended up with “a five-year suspended sentence,” according to Arcadia Parish Today. So, it makes sense that Chase Chrisley might have bonded with Jodi over relatives who ran into trouble with the law.

What do you think of the news that Chase Chrisley seems to be dating a girl who also had her mom imprisoned? Plus, it seems that her dad ran into problems with the law as well. Bear in mind, that birth records are confidential in Louisiana, though. Additionally, there was a high gap between 1985 and 2012 on Glynis’s social, media. In 2012, a post with a young Jodi Laine said, “So happy!! Thank you, God for bringing happiness back into my life.”

If Chase Chrisley and Jodi Laine Fournerat hope for a reality show, might it focus on that? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

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