Who’s Chase Chrisley’s New Girlfriend Amid Emmy Medders Split?

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Chrisley Knows Best alum Chase Chrisley and Emmy Meddrs split but he already soft-launched a new girlfriend on social media, and fans think they identified her. Certainly, if he is not dating her, the person might be surprised to see so many people visiting her profile on social media.

Chase Chrisley Looking For Love

Chrisley Knows Best fans heard that things didn’t work out for the engaged couple after Todd and Julie went to prison. Savannah didn’t like Emmy and made that clear on her Unlocked podcast. Apparently, Emmy decided to ditch Todd’s son first, but he claimed it was a mutual decision. Actually, there seem to be some bad feelings in the family.

Chase Chrisley later claimed that he was lucky to be free from Emmy Medders. He told Savannah that he drank some alcohol, and said some wrong things, and Emmy slammed the door in his face. Clearly, he’s unhappy that she didn’t stick around while he worked through the problems of both parents sitting in prison. So, he looked for love elsewhere.

Chase Chrisley Is Dating Again – Is Kylee His New Girlfriend?

The Chrisley Knows Best alum and Savannah got together on Unlocked several times, and they talked about him finding love on The Bachelor. Never mind that he’d previously admitted he was dating again. He actually slammed people who date him who don’t have lots of money So, he claimed that he wanted someone older who isn’t “broke.” However, it doesn’t look like he chose an older person.

Chrisley Knows Best Chase Chrisley New Girlfriend Identified Reddit
Chrisley Knows Best – Is this Chase Chrisley’s new girlfriend? – Reddit.

After Chase Chrisley posted a photo of a woman’s hands, USA Network fans took it as a soft launch. On Reddit, u/VermicelliMother1662 believed they identified the girl as Kylee Cole. The caption read: “Chase has a new love interest and I’ve found her IG lol. Poor girl.” 

The Same Person?

The Redditor thought the woman in the car was the same one in the photo by Savannah’s brother. They said, “…the silver bracelet on her right hand (the one that doesn’t fully close) is the same one as the one in the photo, same arm as the Apple Watch.” Interestingly, on Kylees’s Instagram, Chase Chrisley is listed as a follower.

One follower in the community opined, “People who “move on” quickly and flaunt it on social media often do it to get a rise out of their ex or to validate some sort of theory they make up in their own head. Only true way to heal is in a manner that doesn’t require the acknowledgment of others.”

Most people agreed that it probably is Kylee Cole whom he is dating. What do you think of Chase Chrisley possibly dating an attractive young woman again? Are you convinced that the woman in the photo is the same person with the bracelets in Chase’s photo?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

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