Is Chase Chrisley Headed To ‘The Bachelor’?

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Chase Chrisley and his sister, Savannah talked about his split from Emmy Medders and he might try out for The Bachelor. Mind you, she suggested on her podcast, that he should consider “The Bachelorette.” That definitely doesn’t suit him. Anyway, after what he said about women, he might not have thousands of contestants applying even if he makes it to the ABC show

Chase Chrisley Trashed Emmy Medders On The Unlocked Podcast

In August the news arrived that since Emmy and Chase split he’s thinking about dating again. That came when he did an interview on Extra TV. At the time, he said that he was ready to go for it in the dating scene. The former member of Chrisley Knows Best on the USA Network also made out that he had a lucky escape from Emmy and for that, he’s “grateful.” This week, he talked about Emmy and dating when he appeared on his sister’s podcast.

Chase Chrisley and Savannah said some pretty nasty things about Emmy. He mentioned that he drank alcohol and said some bad things and that things went sour. Meanwhile, Savannah spoke about how she dug into Emmy’s social media and, not liking what she saw, they clashed. However, they said a lot of other things. For instance, they discussed fame and how hard it is to date. And, they mentioned people who don’t have money. So, critics thought they shaded Emmy as being a gold-digger. He also talked about how his parents being in prison stressed the couple’s relationship.

Chase Chrisley – ‘Already Famous’ Wants To Find Love On The Bachelor 

Entertainment Tonight wrote about the Unlocked podcast where the siblings talked about Emmy and love, or the lack thereof. When Savannah’s brother spoke about Emmy’s family, it became clear that he wouldn’t ever get back with Emmy again. The outlet cited him as saying, “If they needed me I would be there for them today…Would I ever get back with her? Not a chance in hell because I’ve seen too much, I’ve seen true colors.” Next, they talked about him finding love on ABC’s The Bachelor.

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Chase Chrisley ruled out The Bachelorette when Savannah suggested it. For viewers, he came over as a bit arrogant. He said, “I’m already famous. I don’t need to do it for fame. I want the love.” Additionally, he claimed to be “too toxic” for the show. Well, he could be right about that. Social media buzzes with angry people who like Emmy.  Still, he would consider The Bachelor.

Lead In The Bachelor?

Chase Chrisley told Savanah, “I would go on The Bachelor.” However, if he did go on there, every applicant better be older than him, because he’s open to “a sugar mama.” Notably, they probably need a massive bank balance. He told Savannah that “he’s not cheap.” Further, he said, “I have dated some broke chicks.” He added, “And there’s nothing worse than some broke chick sitting there screamin’ and bitchin.'”

What do you think of Chase Chrisley saying that he wouldn’t mind being on The Bachelor? What about him admitting he’s toxic? Do you think he’d get many takers if he appeared on ABC?   Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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