Ryan Seacrest Welcomes New Blonde Baby To Family

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American Idol is back in full swing and host Ryan Seacrest has revealed some surprising personal news before the premiere. With Katy Perry announcing that she is leaving the show last week, fans have been keeping an eye out for news regarding the other judges and beloved host. Keep reading to see what Ryan Seacrest shared that has Idol fans wishing him “all the best.”

American Idol Kicks Off A New Season

Ryan Seacrest has mostly been sharing promotional content for the upcoming season of American Idol. As sneak peeks roll out, fans have already seen several emotional moments for the judges and for Ryan himself. The first episode premiered yesterday, February 18.

The long-time American Idol host shared a humorous post of himself holding a contestant’s accordion. The photo array also included a snapshot of Ryan alongside the judges as well as pictures of himself greeting various contestants as they try out to be the next American Idol. He captioned the series of photos, “Back in front of the #AmericanIdol audition doors and it feels like home. We’re visiting the judge’s hometowns this season & it all starts now!”

Ryan Seacrest on American Idol - Instagram

Image: Instagram/Ryan Seacrest

As the show aired on the East and West Coast, Ryan Seacrest shared videos of some of the standout moments from the first episode of the new season. However, that isn’t what has grabbed the attention of so many of his followers.

Ryan Seacrest Adds A New Member To His Family

Ryan hopped on Instagram to share an update about his personal life not long ago. Amid the promotional posts for the upcoming season of American Idol, and the food posts he is infamous for, he shared news of a new addition to his family.

“Your regular reminder of how much I love EVOO… Introducing our newest family member – Olio!” the American Idol host wrote in the caption. The photo showed him with a yellow lab in his lap along with his niece.

Ryan Seacrest with dog Olio - Instagram

Image: Instagram/Ryan Seacrest

His followers were excited to share their well wishes for the latest addition in the comment section. “You are a great person and wonderful family man. Congrats with your new addition. All the best for you and Aubrey,” one person wrote.

Another fan commented, “Congratulations! 2 dogs are better than one no matter what the breed!”

Several people took a moment to check on Ryan’s other dog, Georgia, who he has frequently posted and spoken about in the past. Although he has added Olio to his home, there is still room for Georgia. In the second photo, Georgia, a black lab mix, is shown licking the top of Olio’s head.

“Georgia licking his head,” one person commented with a few crying happy faces. “I cannot!!! Congrats on the cutest new member of the fam.”

New episodes of American Idol airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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