How Does The ‘American Idol’ Platinum Ticket Work?

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American Idol has been passing out “golden tickets” since day one. It is the one part of the show that has not changed. Contestants either get a golden ticket after their audition, their ticket to perform in Hollywood, or they go home. Now, singers from around the country have the opportunity to not only earn a golden ticket, but they can also earn a “platinum ticket” which has a special power much stronger than the power golden ticket.

The Special Power Of The Platinum Ticket

The golden tickets get contestants on stage to perform during “Hollywood Week.” The special power of the platinum ticket takes its recipients even further than that. It takes them into the future, past Hollywood Week.

Anyone who gets a platinum ticket is able to skip Hollywood Week. They don’t have to perform like the others who only have golden tickets. This can be a huge advantage to whoever has one.

Platinum Tickets Have Limited Availability

Platinum tickets are not as abundant as golden tickets. American Idol has set a limit to how many platinum tickets can be given away each season. That limit is currently set at three tickets per season.

During last night’s American Idol premiere on ABC, one platinum ticket was earned. That ticket with special powers was earned by Odell Bunton. Bunton is from Texas and is the father of five children. Despite working as a security guard at an international airport, his family is currently homeless and living in a hotel.

With only two platinum tickets left for this season of American Idol, it is unknown who will be getting those coveted passes through Hollywood week. Perhaps it will be Emmy Russell who will be auditioning in next week’s show. She is the granddaughter of the late Loretta Lynn. Emmy has the experience of singing with Loretta Lynn as well as Lukas Nelson, Willie Nelson’s grandson. She just might be good enough to get that platinum ticket with the special powers.

American Idol Judges’ Thoughts On The Platinum Ticket

It appears the judges of American Idol are in favor of the special power the platinum tickets give contestants. “This ticket gives them the ability to go to Hollywood Week, which we’ve already filmed and was so rigorous and survival of the fittest, and they get to basically observe from the box seats at the theater,” Katie Perry explained. “One day, they get to rest their voice, strategize, check out the competition and select who they want to duet with.”

Lionel Richie actually answered the question as to why American Idol contestants earn a platinum ticket. “For me, it was just the fact that they’re just naturals” he explained. “They have all the boxes ticked: stage presence, delivery, their sound, their style.”

Tell us what you think. Did you know about the platinum ticket for American Idol contestants? Were you aware of the special power it held? Do you think three is enough for each season or should American Idol make more available? How big of an advantage is it to skip Hollywood week? Sound off in the comment section below.

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