‘Love Is Blind’ Trevor Sova Came Home To Devastating News

Love Is Blind: Trevor Sova

Love Is Blind Season 6 cast member Trevor Sova got his heart broken in the pods. Unfortunately, he had more devastating news waiting for him when he got back home. What happened to him after he left the Netflix set?

Love Is Blind: Trevor Sova Bet It All On Chelsea Blackwell On Netflix Show

Trevor Sova and his mullet were hoping to find love in the pods during Love Is Blind Season 6. Many viewers see him as a big teddy bear, and he comes across as a truly lovable guy. He has won a lot of people over since appearing in scenes for the Netflix show.

He put all his chips in with Chelsea Blackwell, but it didn’t work out the way he hoped. Chelsea ended up with Jimmy Presnell. Trevor may not have gotten the girl in the end, but he has a whole new army of fans rooting for him and everything he is about.

Love Is Blind, Season 6, Netflix
Love Is Blind, Season 6, Netflix

Trevor Explains The Unique Gift He Gave To Chelsea

Netflix scenes show what appears to be Trevor Sova gifting Chelsea Blackwell with a collar. Trevor clarified that this wasn’t his gift. Along with giving a gift, the streaming service also told them to bring a personal item from home that is significant to them.

Trevor told his Love Is Blind followers that he has a dog (ironically also named Chelsea). So, his choosing the collar was his pick for a personal item that meant a lot to him, not something he intended to give to Chelsea as a gift in the pods.

Trevor is not only a likable guy, but, he is also an animal lover. This is something that has many of his followers swooning for him even more since Chelsea didn’t pick him in the end.


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Love Is Blind: Trevor Sova Came Home To Heartbreaking News

Trevor Sova suffered a level of heartbreak that is infinitely worse than not getting chosen in the Love Is Blind pods. He recently told his followers about his dog, Chelsea, and what happened to her. Trevor said that his dog had cancer.

Trevor Sova told his Love Is Blind followers that by the time he returned from the pods, his beloved furry family member had “passed away.” As crazy as it sounds, Trevor says that his dog passed away the same day that Chelsea Blackwell ended things with him in the pods.


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Not getting to say a proper goodbye to your fur baby is one of the worst things someone can go through. Love Is Blind fans are reaching out to Trevor with heartfelt messages and condolences for his loss.

  • One Love Is Blind commenter wrote: “We gotta find Trevor a wife, y’all. Sorry for your loss, Trevor.
  • Another commenter wrote: “You were the prize this season. I’m sure you are seeing that and walking confidently into your future.”

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