‘Love Is Blind’ Are AD And Clay Still Together?

Love Is Blind: Clay Gravesande - Amber Smith

Love Is Blind Season 6 couple Amber Smith (AD) and Clay Gravesande matched in the pods in the latest Netflix season. Are these two still together today? What do we know so far?

Love Is Blind Season 6 Kicked Off With A Fresh Cast

The new season of Love Is Blind premiered on Valentine’s Day on Netflix. As the streaming service typically does, they released the first batch of episodes for viewers to dive into. The first installment of episodes goes all the way up to the honeymoons. This is typically a time to celebrate with your new match, but, there’s already plenty of drama.

Viewers have to wait to see the episodes play out. Because of that, whether or not certain couples are still together is something watchers want to know. Amber Smith and Clay Gravesande chose each other in the pods. Did they stay together once real life set in?

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Bumpy Ride for Amber Smith And Clay Gravesande In Netflix Scenes

Things got off to a rough start for Clay Gravesande and Amber Smith in the Love Is Blind pods in Charlotte, North Carolina. Amber was definitely feeling Clay, but she was put off when he started asking her about her physical appearance in Netflix scenes.

AD felt like Clay asking about her appearance undermined the entire Love Is Blind premise. Viewers know that AD is stacked, and that she has a figure for days, but, she was initially put off by Clay Gravesande putting so much emphasis on the physical.

These two end up choosing each other in Love Is Blind Season 6 scenes. Whether or not they stay together for the long haul is something viewers are curious about. Do these two make it when the honeymoon is over and they settle into everyday life?

Is Love Is Blind Pair Still A Couple?

With the Love Is Blind Season 6 finale not officially airing until March, viewers want to know if AD and Clay are still together as a couple. Public records in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina indicate that Clay and AD didn’t go through with the wedding.

The pair began the process by obtaining their marriage license in May 2023. There is no date listed for the actual wedding. This is a major clue as to the outcome of their relationship. It could be that they break up even before the wedding.


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It’s also possible that Clay or AD says no at the altar and decides not to go through with the marriage. Netflix likes to play up these cliffhangers leading up to the weddings. So, either of these scenarios is certainly possible.

The one definitive takeaway is that these two Love Is Blind cast members don’t go through with the wedding to make it official. Armed with this tea, viewers will have to tune in to see how this relationship breaks down in upcoming scenes.

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