‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6 Spoilers: Are Johnny And Amy A Couple?

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While Love Is Blind Season 6 is just a matter of hours away from dropping, we have the scoop on Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortes. Beware, spoilers ahead as we discuss if they are a couple, have an engagement, or marriage.

Love Is Blind Season 6 Is Heading To Screens

Since Love Is Blind Season 6 is releasing on Valentine’s Day, Netflix seemingly is in a giving mood. Within the trailers, they left plenty of breadcrumbs for fans to piece together several engagements. And if your dance card is full for Valentine’s Day, you may want a little sneak peek of who is together before you eke out the time to binge-watch the new season. But one thing is certain, Vanessa and Nick Lachey are back at it again this season. However, no need to worry, there have already been previous couples stepping up to the baby challenge to calm Vanessa’s baby fever.

Netflix Gives Away A Few Sneak Peeks

Not only did Netflix sneakily include some engagements in the Love Is Blind trailer, but it also offers clues as to who gets coupled up. Previously, there were some hints as to if Kenneth and Brittany have an engagement. But it isn’t an outright giveaway. However, now we can look at Johnny McIntyre a 28-year-old account executive looking for love. Within the trailer, Johnny is a feature throughout. Although it doesn’t directly say that he ends up with a specific someone, there’s lots of evidence to piece together. However, it does show him with a girl with fair skin and dark hair multiple times.

Seemingly, Netflix is pointing viewers to the interaction between single mom Jessica Vestal. Notably, she is a beautiful single mom whose story is very compelling so she has already shown up in promotions. However, there seemingly is no evidence of her leaving the pods engaged, so that will remain a mystery for now.


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Johnny McIntyre’s Match

But keen Love Is Blind viewers pick up on a more subtle interaction between Johnny McIntyre and his presumed fiancee. While intricately looking through the clip, Starcasm locates many matching outfits, earrings, and wrist tattoos of the woman he holds close. And drum roll, those all seem to match up with the one and only, Amy Cortes. When Amy is asked if she and her fiance have had sex, she says, “No.” Then later in the preview, she confesses, “We’ve done the emotional,” she says. Adding, “Now we have to connect on a physical level.”

Amy Cortes' Love Is Blind profile. - Instagram
Amy Cortes’ Love Is Blind profile. – Instagram

Currently, it is unknown if the Love Is Blind couple make it down the aisle, but there does seem to be trouble in paradise. Not only do they discuss intimacy issues, but Johnny McIntyre acts a bit shaky on his commitment. “It is scary!” Johnny says to someone off-camera. “This is the rest of my life!” North Carolina marriage records are difficult to access, so there isn’t certainty if they sealed the deal, but the odds are pointing to no.

Amy Cortes and Johnny McIntyre in several photos that show matching outfits and accessories. - Netflix - YouTube
Amy Cortes and Johnny McIntyre are in several photos that show matching outfits and accessories. – Netflix – YouTube

What do you think about the trail of matching articles being evidence that Johnny and Amy are a couple? Do you think they go to the engagement getaway together? What is your guess on the marriage status? Tune in tomorrow for Love Is Blind and then head back to TV Shows Ace to discuss!

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