‘Love Is Blind’s’ Bliss and Zack Expecting First Baby

Zack Goytowski, Bliss Poureetezadi from Love Is Blind on Netflix

Love Is Blind Season 4 changed the social experiment slightly. Zack Goytowski admitted that he made a mistake in the woman he chose and asked for a do-over. Fortunately, Bliss Poureetezadi was willing to give him a chance, leading to the two of them learning to trust each other, opening up to each other, and saying “I do” at the altar. Now they’ve announced some exciting news in that they’re expecting their first child.

The First Public Love Is Blind Announcement

This is a first for the series. No other Love Is Blind couple has announced a pregnancy, PEOPLE confirmed. The social experiment has failed in many cases, but Bliss and Zack show that it can work, and sometimes, second chances are worth offering.

Bliss shares that their baby will arrive in spring 2024. There is no gender confirmed just yet, but that’s to come in a few months. It turns out that the two were actively trying for a baby, so this is exciting news for the two of them.

Bliss’s Pregnancy Announcement Wasn’t As Planned

Poureetezadi originally had some big plans when it came to the pregnancy announcement to her Love Is Blind husband. She had some elaborate ideas, but nothing worked out as planned. The morning she learned of the pregnancy, she had to leave for a trip. That meant sharing the news with Zack immediately. Originally, she wanted to buy a lot of items that said “Daddy” on it, but she only had time to get a cake that said “I love you, Dad” on it.

It was confusing for Zack at first, but it turned into something sweet that the two will remember. However, Goytowski remembers it differently. He shares that the announcement happened on Bliss’s mom’s birthday, and Bliss’s mom was the one to send the cake. Knowing Bliss’s mom well enough, he believed this story and opened the cake to the announcement. That confused him more.



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Bliss Shares Her Pregnancy Cravings

Of course, one of the biggest questions for pregnant women are the cravings they have. Poureetezadi shared some of hers, saying she is “craving a lot of green, crisp vegetables, [and] citrus.”  There are many theories in why women crave certain items during pregnancy, and those theories are usually linked to the nutrients women need. One theory about craving citrus fruits is that the body wants more vitamin C, while the green, crisp vegetables suggest the B vitamins and water.

Pregnancy also leads to food aversions, and the big one for Bliss is garlic. Zack is very focused on making this pregnancy as positive as possible so is avoiding garlic in his own meals to help as much as possible. He also makes plenty of trips to the grocery store for grapefruit. Bliss is happy to have such a “supportive” husband in Goytowski.

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