‘Love Is Blind’ Villains Explain Their Roles As Mean Girls

Micah and Irina on Love is Blind - YouTube

Every season of dating reality shows has villains that fans dislike and began actively cheering against. This season of Love is Blind is no different. However, the two villains fans picked out to hate – Micah Lussier and Irina Solomonova – have answered their critics.

Here is what Micah and Irina said about their role as villains.

Love is Blind villains rise in Micah and Irina

When the first five episodes of Love is Blind dropped on Netflix on Friday, fans binge-watched the reality dating show. After flying through those episodes and realizing they needed to wait for more to come over the next several weeks, fans picked out the villains from the show.

That ended up being two women on the show – Micah Lussier and Irina Solomonova. The main reason that fans disliked these two, in particular, was that they acted like mean girls. Mainly to the other women on the show and seemed to be making fun of people behind their backs.

Micah on Love is Blind - YouTube

Micah, a marketing manager, was also in an early love triangle with Kwame Appiah. However, Kwame made the right decision and dumped her to move on to Chelsea Griffin. Since that time, Kwame and Chelsea have seemed to grow closer to marriage after their time on the series.

However, while Micah lost out on her love triangle, it wasn’t the only love triangle of the season. Amber Wilder was also in a love triangle and lost out on it when she lost out on Paul Peden to Micah. The series showed Irinia laughing at Amber as she was crying about the ordeal.

They also laughed at other women, including when Jackelina Bonds began crying over her struggles after hiring Josh Demas’ feelings. When she was explaining her problem, Micah mentioned she was getting a headache and Irinia laughed at her insensitivity.

Love is Blind villains in their roles on the show

However, when it comes to Micah and Irina, they don’t see themselves as mean girls and explained they were just being themselves. Micah said she likes to laugh and have fun, and when she met Irina, she found someone who could make her laugh (via Us Magazine).

“Like, this is a really serious situation, but I don’t have to be miserable,” Micah said. “Like, I can enjoy myself a little bit and she gave me that, and for that, I don’t regret it.”

As for Irina, she actually started to bully one of the other women when she had a rivalry with Bilss Poureetezadi over Zack Goytowski. Irina appeared to get angry when Bliss made cupcakes for Zack’s birthday, which Irina forgot about.

What makes it worse is that Zack dumped Bliss for Irina and then she dumped him right after meeting him face-to-face. “I just had this gut feeling that something just didn’t feel right, and I didn’t feel safe or comfortable,” she said about dumping him.

Do you feel Micah and Irina were the mean girls they depicted in Love is Blind? What are your thoughts on the pair after watching the first episodes of the Netflix series? Finally, will you continue to watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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