Jazz Jennings Flaunts Weight Loss, Revealing Pic

Jazz Jennings I Am Jazz Instagram

TLC fans were introduced to Jazz Jennings through her show I Am Jazz, and she sparked a lot of interest due to her transition from a little boy into a fully grown female adult. Due to hormones and medication, she gained a lot of weight. However, she has been fighting her bingeing and has done well enough to shed 70 lbs. This weekend, she posted some very revealing photos of herself in her underwear.

Jazz Jennings Struggled With Weight For Years

TLC fans saw that bottom surgery wasn’t easy. While she sailed through breast augmentation, more problems came with her most defining surgery. These days, it’s common for trans folks to open up about their journey. But keep in mind, when the TLC show first started, few people braved the publicity. So, she’s seen as an inspiration for many people.

I Am Jazz Star In 2022 - Jazz Jennings Instagram
I Am Jazz Star In 2022 – Jazz Jennings Instagram

Jazz Jennings started packing on the pounds ahead of going to Harvard. Depressed and ready to comfort herself with food, her mom, Jeanette Jennings became very alarmed. Dealing with her mental health issues, she dropped Harvard but later returned. At the time, she revealed that her weight increased by about 100 pounds

TLC Star Flaunts Her Figure – Revealing Pic

 I Am Jazz fans saw that the TLC star began getting things under control last year. As her weight left her unable to enjoy many physical activities, she set herself goals, and soon, pictures arrived showing her weight loss. Encouraged by her family, she keeps on with her target. Plenty of photos showed her steady loss. This week she shared a revealing pic, and she worse almost no clothing.

Jazz Jennings Revealing Selfie - Instagram
Jazz Jennings Revealing Selfie – Instagram via The Sun

The Sun grabbed a screenshot of the selfie and in their article, the outlet noted that Jazz Jennings wore very little.

Jazz, 23, posed in front of a mirror with white framing and wearing only a blue bra and beige underwear. In one hand, she held her iPhone which had a purple case on it, meanwhile, the other rested on her thigh.Her long brown hair was pushed to the side and over her shoulder while pouting for the pic.

Many disbelievers stalk the TLC star on social media. However, the picture she shared clearly reveals the figure of a woman. Once she drops a bit more and tones up again, she will, no doubt, be running around doing everything she enjoyed as a younger child.

What are your thoughts about the TLC star showing herself with almost no clothing on? Do you agree that she’s done well with her weight loss? Do you see her as an inspiration? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your I Am Jazz news.

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